All Bewitchments in Bayonetta 3

Get Bewitched!

by Kara Phillips

Even though achievements don’t play the same role on Nintendo Switch as on Xbox or Playstation, Bayonetta 3 is still keen to deliver recognition to hard-working gamers through Bewitchments. Bewitchments are rewarded during each chapter for various tasks, though the catch is the player won’t know what they have to do to collect a Bewitchment. Because of this, you can repeat yourself several times before collecting the necessary achievements, so to save time, read on to discover every Bewitchment available.

How to Unlock Every Bewitchment in Bayonetta 3

Each chapter within Bayonetta 3 has five available Bewitchments to unlock, including the Prologue. So even once you have finished the main story, there is enough content to keep you exploring the Alphaverse. Besides collecting hidden archives and figure packs, Bewitchments are a great way to encourage players to explore the entire area rather than stick to the path. Of course, some of these challenges will provide more risk than others, depending on your difficulty, but they are worth collecting when you can.


  • Finish the Battle without Touching Clouds of Erasure
  • Avoid Kraken’s Ink
  • Taunt an Enemy
  • Use Gomorrah’s Gripping Bite on Cumulonimbus
  • Attack Kraken’s Tentacle Anchors with Gomorrah Five Times

Chapter One

  • Destroy Three Obstacles While Riding Gomorrah
  • Pick Up a Hamburger
  • Stand atop an Iconic Shibuya Landmark
  • Defeat Five Stratus Inside the Train Car
  • Defeat a Pannus Without Causing it to Spit

Chapter Two

  • Watch Enzo’s Show on the Giant Monitor
  • Scare Stray Cats with Infernal Demons Three Times
  • Ride Phantasmaraneae Without Falling into any Pits or Erasure
  • Take a Specific Path While Riding Phantasmaraneae
  • Stop Asperatus with Phantasmaraneae’s Massive Web Attack Three Times

Chapter Three

  • Collect the Halos Hidden in the Giant Lantern
  • Dodge All Oncoming Train Cars
  • Break an Iridescent Core Once
  • Hit Arch-Iridescent with Sin Gomorrah’s Flame Three Times
  • Defeat Three Homunculi While Chasing Iridescent

Chapter Four

  • Enter the Lotus Field in Ginnungagap
  • Walk Over Lava Using Phantasmaraneae Masquerade
  • Proceed Without Using Congestus Control Time
  • Break Virga Once
  • Hit Mediocris with an Infernal Demon Attack Three Times

Chapter Five

  • Put Out the Fire Without Running Into Obstacles
  • Climb to the Top of a Structure with Three or More Floors
  • Perform a Bare-Handed Combo on an Enemy
  • Pass the Soldier Holding a Ladder Before Luka
  • Break Volutus Once

Chapter Six

  • Stay on the Lava Wheel for Five Seconds
  • Run Across the Crumbling Path Without Falling into the Lava
  • Avoid Getting Hit by Debris Thrown by Pyrocumulus
  • Deflect Pyrocumulus’ Staff Attack Three Times
  • Us Phantasmaraneae to Knock Pyrocumulus Off the Wall

Chapter Seven

  • Touch a Cheshire Mirage Three Times in the Desert
  • Dig Up all the Buried Treasure While Riding Cheshire
  • Stare at the Mural of Enzo for Three Seconds
  • Cross the Quicksand River without Falling In
  • Defeat the Three Uncinus that Appear from the Quicksand

Chapter Eight

  • Stand on Top of the Windmill Tower
  • Destroy Five Baal Statues within the Temple
  • Enter the Hidden Room within the Temple
  • Hit Castellanus Core While One Segment is Intact
  • Hit Murus with Baal’s Poison Rain

Chapter Nine

  • Scare off Twenty Resting Malphas Demons
  • Escape the Clouds and Erasure without Touching Them
  • Complete the Sand Sliding Portion Without Hitting Obstacles
  • Avoid Touching Erasure during the Battle on the Scales
  • Perform Five Torture Attacks During the Battle on the Tower of Pacts

Chapter Ten

  • Step on Ten of the Fallen Stained Glass Shards on Thule
  • Climb to the Top of the Stone Tower in Thule
  • Travel Through Ginnungagap without Falling
  • Avoid Getting Hit by Strider Inside his Special Field
  • Defeat Three Small Golems

Chapter Eleven

  • Find the Item Hidden in the Underground Tunnel
  • Attack Rosa’s Umbran Armor and Get the Secret Item
  • Avoid All Obstacles in the Dark while Riding Mictlantecuhtli
  • Find Rosa behind the Door and Attack
  • Defeat Fifty Lacunosus While Riding Mictlantecuhtli

Chapter Twelve

  • Destroy Five Buses
  • Defeat this Worlds Bayonetta with the Umbran Clock Tower Equipped
  • Finish Baal Zebul’s Performance without Taking Damage
  • Defeat All Enemies in the Underground Tunnel
  • Knock Down a Helicopter while Riding Gomorrah

Chapter Thirteen

  • Collect Twenty-Five Lotuses in Ginnungagap
  • Activate Perfect Witch Time Five Times with Madama Butterfly
  • Avoid Getting Hit by Dark Adam’s Enlargement Attack
  • Hit Aureole with a Flutter Kiss with Madama Butterfly
  • Defeat an Enemy While Travelling Through Collapsing Ginnungagap

Chapter Fourteen

  • Finish the Singularity Chaos Battle with No Damage
  • Hit Singularity Definition Five Times with Crow Within as Bayo 1
  • See the End of Bayonetta’s Story
  • Hit Singularity Definition Five Times with Madama Butterfly as Bayo 1
  • Defeat a Homonculus Summoned By Singularity Balance

Although you won’t receive anything for collecting every Bewitchment within the game, the sense of competition is pretty unmatched. Plus, they are a great excuse to keep spending time within the game when you think you’re done.

Bayonetta 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on October 31st, 2022

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