All Cannibal Variants in Sons of the Forest Listed

Each one is terrifying!

by Christian Bognar
Image: Endnight Games

Sons of the Forest brings survival horror to the next level by making players deal with Cannibals. In the game, there are quite a few variants of Cannibals that you encounter, each featuring its personality and characteristics. So far, there have been a total of six Cannibals discovered in the game. Read on if you are interested in each type of Cannibal and what makes each different.

All Cannibal Types in Sons of the Forest

The six discovered variants of Cannibals in Sons of the Forest include, Reguluar, Dirty, Masked, Cave, Brute, and Titan. As you encounter all six of these Cannibals, you will notice that each has unique behaviors. Below is a brief description of each Cannibal and what makes them unique.

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  • Regular Cannibal – The game’s basic Cannibal, with nothing extremely special to them. They can usually be scared off, while some are more cautious and can steal from the player and break down structures the player has built.
  • Dirty Cannibal – Smaller Cannibals that run around on all fours and enjoy climbing trees and other structures around the map. You can tell you have encountered one when you hear their sinister laughs.
  • Cave Cannibal – These Cannibals are usually tied up in villages or found deep within caves. They cannot see and rely on scent and hearing to chase you if they ever feel threatened.
  • Masked Cannibal – These Cannibals are strong and wear a red or golden mask designed to intimidate anyone who crosses their paths. Masked Cannibals will even attack other Cannibals who don’t wear the same mask. Players can wear the same mask in the game to help prevent them from attacking them.
  • Titan Cannibals – These Cannibals are huge and will charge the player when they are in their path. You can tell they are about to charge when you hear the scream that Titan Cannibals usually let out.
  • Brute Cannibals – Brute Cannibals will appear near camps with large clubs in their hands that can knock down players when hit. Brutes are nothing to worry about and will only get triggered and become a threat if the player attacks first.

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- This article was updated on February 28th, 2023