How to Scare Away Enemies in Sons of the Forest


by Noah Nelson
Image: Endnight Games

Though the enemies will definitely scare you multiple times in Sons of the Forest, is there any way to scare them away? Some enemies will just watch you and walk around you until they get bold enough to attack. If you want to survive in Sons of the Forest, you’ll likely want to know how to scare away your enemies.

Sons of the Forest: How to Scare Enemies Away, Explained

The enemy AI, and even companion AI, is pretty complex in Sons of the Forest, which is a good thing. However, understanding how your enemies think and act is hard to predict.


There are a few ways to scare away your enemies in Sons of the Forest. You can try holding up a skeleton or severed head and shaking it at your enemy. This may make your enemies run away for a while.

The monkey-type cannibal enemies will only attack when they have the numbers. If there is only one or two checking out your base, you can run toward them to scare them or stab them once or twice with a spear to tell them to beat it.

While you may think that killing one and putting it out as a warning sign may scare away unwanted visitors, that will actually bring in more enemies. The more enemies you kill, the more will come back angry. Our advice is to not kill any enemies unless it is complete self-defense.

Each enemy type is different, and some will engage more aggressively than others. You can always hide from enemies instead of scaring them. Crouch in some bushes and equip gear with stats that make you more stealthy. It isn’t the same as scaring enemies away, but it’ll get the job done.

The bottom line is that the enemies in Sons of the Forest are curious and want to eat you. While you may be able to scare them away temporarily, they will always be back to try to kill you.

While you can try different tactics to scare the enemies away, what you ultimately need to do is build a defensive base and prepare for attacks by getting a shotgun.

- This article was updated on February 25th, 2023