All Characters in Sword Art Online Variant Showdown: Ranked Tier List

Our ranking of all characters and their variants.

by Christian Bognar
Sword Art Online All Characters Ranked

Are you looking for the best characters in Sword Art Online Variant Showdown? You have come to the right place as we decided to take a look at all the characters currently available in the game and put them into a ranked tier list. This tier list should help you make the right decision when creating a team and will give you a good understanding of what makes a great player in SAOVS. Without further ado, our ranked list is from S, the best, to C, the worst.

Ranking all Characters in Sword Art Online Variant Showdown

The game has just under ten main characters, but all have different variants, bringing that number closer to 40.

SKirito (Black Swordsman), Silica (Dragon Tamer), Eugeo (Blue Swordsman), Sinon (Underworld Goddess), Lisbeth (Master Macer), Asuna (Speedster) Alice (Osmanthus Knight), Kirito (A New Start), Leafa (Speed), Silica (Victory), Asuna (Determination), Silica (SSR).
AAsuna (Duel), Eugeo (Wind Blowing), Silica (Secret Resolve), Lisbeth (Forward Only), Leafa (Triumphant).
BSinon (Target lock-on), Asuna (Forever Together), Alice (Noble Knight), Eugeo (New Challenge), Sinon (Sniper’s fighting spirit), Leafa (Dignified). Leafa (One Swing), Asuna (Further Speed), Silica (Harikiri), Lisbeth (Counterattack), Alice (Serious game!), Eugeo (Move forward), Kirito (Rising Hero).
CSilica (Gung-ho), Leafa (Dancing wind), Asuna (Aiming Victory), Lisbeth (Leave it to me), Kirito (Strong Mans Room), Sinon (Bullseye), Eugeo (Results of effort), Alice (Oath), Sinon (100%).

S Tier

These characters consist primarily of SSR’s mainly because that group comes with the highest maximum level, giving you a significant advantage right off the bat. The talent here is unmatched; for example, you have an SSR named Silica, “Dragon Tamer,” who can heal the entire team by 20% whenever she switches out. This can make or break whether your team gets wiped out right then and there or survive longer to see another battle.

Another standout would be Eugeo, “Blue Rose Swordsman,” who can increase his strength stat by 20% for 30 seconds, allowing you to rain strong attacks on your opponent for a reasonable amount of time. We can discuss this tier’s greatness further, but you will have to experiment for yourself.

A Tier

You will find that this tier consists of great characters but is lower than S only due to them not being considered as the SSR category. Remember, SSR characters are the ones who start with the opportunity for a higher maximum level, so you won’t find that here.

Regardless, you got some great choices to choose from here. Leafa is a great choice here who can grant you a whole array of buffs for herself every time you switch. These include 10 seconds of increased rush gauge accumulation, an increase in strength by 20%, and a decrease in cooldown. It is just a bummer they lack that higher maximum level that the S rank does.

B Tier

B-level consists of characters with helpful perks and skills that can significantly support the higher-level characters. They don’t have the best base stats, but players should not disregard them. Some standouts include Sinon, “Target-lock on,” who offers passive abilities, including a power boost and a charge speed boost if her HP is higher than 50%. It is small but helpful, having passive abilities that you don’t need to think about and letting them do their work in the background.

Some are pros at building their gauges here as well; for example, Kirito, “Rising Hero,” possesses a skill that boosts his gauge accumulation by 20%, making him very helpful against bosses.

C Tier

These are the worst characters available in Sword Art Online Variant Showdown. While they are last, remember that all characters have abilities that can give them an illusion of being good. Be aware here, as they are R units with attacks that are nothing special. Some of these characters make you rely on other teammates to do well; for example, Silica adds buffs to her allies, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. They are so low and run out quickly, making you forget entirely she is on the battlefield with you. While this is an extreme example in this tier, at the end of the day, players should focus on selecting characters in S to B.

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Sword Art Online is available now for Android and iOS.

- This article was updated on February 1st, 2023