All Classes and Jobs in Triangle Strategy

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering what all classes and jobs in Triangle Strategy are? Triangle Strategy features a unique system compared to other games. It does not have a standard job system where you can customize your units, but don’t worry. This doesn’t take away from the game or limit your options. Instead, Triangle Strategy allows you to customize your team with the units you want to use to beat the game. This may seem unclear initially, but all classes and Jobs in Triangle Strategy are explained here. Hence, you understand how your units work and what they can be promoted into for even more powerful units that will help you beat Triangle Strategy.

All Classes and Jobs in Triangle Strategy

We will explain how classes and jobs work, so you understand how to build your units based on their jobs and how to promote them to new jobs for even more powerful units.

How Classes Work in Triangle Strategy


You can level up your units through essential functions like winning battles. However, only single units who perform actions will gain Experience Points, not your entire party. In addition, you must first reach level 10 on any character to gain the ability to promote your units. Therefore, you should naturally reach this point in the game during Chapter 5 or 6.

  • Recruit Class: Default class of all units
  • Veteran Class: Level 10 and Medal of Bravery
  • Elite Class: Level 20 and Medal of Valor

After reaching the required level and obtaining the necessary medal, you will need to speak to the owner of the Sundry Shop located in the Encampment. Promoting the class of your units will unlock advanced skills for them to use and add additional TP to your meter. Your units will also gain a new appearance once their class is upgraded.

How Jobs Work in Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy doesn’t allow you to change the jobs of your units. For example, if a unit is an archer, it will forever be an archer and cannot be converted into a fire mage. The only thing you can do if you want more of a specific job is to recruit new units of that type. However, using the abovementioned methods, you can upgrade your character’s class to become even more powerful.

All Units by Their Jobs and Class Promotions in Triangle Strategy


Here is an alphabetical list of all jobs and their class promotions in Triangle Strategy:

  • Acrobat (Veteran) -> Trick Master (Elite)
  • Advisor (Veteran) -> Master Advisor (Elite)
  • Advisor (Veteran) -> Master Advisor (Elite)
  • Apothecary (Veteran) -> Medicine Master (Elite)
  • Artisan (Veteran) -> Craft Master (Elite)
  • Boss (Veteran) -> Big Boss (Elite)
  • Bow Adept (Veteran) -> Divine Bow (Elite)
  • Brawler (Veteran) -> Divine Fist (Elite)
  • Clairvoyant (Veteran) -> Timespeaker (Elite)
  • Cleric (Veteran) -> Prayer Master (Elite)
  • Cryomancer (Recruit) -> Ice Caster (Veteran) -> Ice Master (Elite)
  • Dancer (Veteran) -> Master Dancer (Elite)
  • Dark General (Veteran) -> Great General (Elite)
  • Dawnspear (Veteran) -> Divine Spear (Elite)
  • Geologist (Veteran) -> Land Master (Elite)
  • Hawkbow (Recruit) -> Flyer (Veteran) -> Master Flyer (Elite)
  • Hawkshield (Veteran) -> Winguard (Elite)
  • Hunter (Recruit) -> Archer (Veteran) -> Bow Master (Elite)
  • Mathematician (Veteran) -> Numerologist (Elite)
  • Mounted Healer (Veteran) -> Cure Knight (Elite)
  • Mounted Healer (Veteran) -> Cure Knight (Elite)
  • Physician (Recruit) -> Curist (Veteran) -> Master Curist (Elite)
  • Pyromancer (Recruit) -> Fire Caster (Veteran) -> Fire Master (Elite)
  • Sage (Veteran) -> Spell Master (Elite)
  • Shamaness (Veteran) -> Spirit Master (Elite)
  • Shieldbearer (Recruit) -> Guardian (Veteran) -> Master Guardian (Elite)
  • Spear Knight (Recruit) -> Cavalryman (Veteran) -> Master Cavalryman (Elite)
  • Spy (Recruit) -> Assassin (Veteran) -> Master Assassin (Elite)
  • Swordsman (Recruit) -> Sworfighter (Veteran) -> Swordmaster (Elite)
  • Tactician (Recruit) -> Strategist (Veteran) -> Master Strategist (Elite)
  • Treasure Hunter (Veteran) -> Treasure Chaser (Elite)
  • Wordsmith (Veteran) -> Elocutionist (Elite)

Triangle Strategy is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on December 22nd, 2022

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