Triangle Strategy Chapter List: How Long is Triangle Strategy?

How many hours will you need to invest to beat Triangle Strategy? Find out in our helpful guide!

by Shaun Cichacki


Triangle Strategythe new hybrid-stylized tactical strategy game from Square Enix, is not only beautiful but a blast to play. You’ll find yourself commanding your troops to victory in a time after the Salt and Iron wars, with an engaging narrative to keep you hooked as you play.

But, how long does this game take to beat? Is it something that you’ll be able to complete in a weekend, or something that you’ll want to sink some time into? Find out today as we cover the chapters, length, and more for Triangle Strategy!


As you spend time growing and learning about your team in Triangle Strategy, you may be wondering how many trials and tribulations you’ll need to endure before you can find yourself victorious.

As the story can split off drastically, there will be two separate categories to talk about, Chapters that we all will play, and chapters that some may play, depending on the choices that have been made through the game.

The chapters that are before the split are as follows;

  • Chapter 1 – A Young Hawk Soars
  • Chapter 2 – To Arms, Brave Warriors
  • Chapter 3 – Whither the River Flows
    • A Land of Snow and Ice
    • A Land of Sand and Sun
  • Chapter 4 – A New Dawn
  • Chapter 5 – Encroaching Darkness
  • Chapter 6 – Remember Me

As the story takes a big split at Chapter 7, there are paths that some players may not be able to take on their first playthrough. However, from Chapter 7, the chapters are as follows;

  • Chapter 7 – A Soul Upon the Scales
    • Not a Word, My Friend
    • Fate In Flames
  • Chapter 8 – The Weather Vane
    • Sleep with One Eye Open
    • Light and Shadow
  • Chapter 9 – Dwindling Light
    • March of the Smugglers
  • Chapter 10 – Beneath a Frigid Sky
    • A Treacherous Soul Revealed
    • The Voice that Calls Us
  • Chapter 11 – Oppressions Under the Sun
    • To the Bitter End
  • Chapter 12 – In the Still of the Night

As you can see, there is plenty to do, and many worlds to travel in Triangle Strategy. But, how long will it take you to navigate through these 12 Chapters? Well, you’ll be looking at around 40-50 hours, depending on if you’re sitting through all cutscenes, taking in optional battles, or trying to breeze through the game. However, once you complete the final chapter of this epic saga, you’ll be able to start new with New Game +, allowing you to experience the other side of the story.

With New Game + factored in, you’ll be looking at almost 100 hours of game to play through, but thankfully, due to enjoyable and tense combat, you’ll have a great time doing it.

Triangle Strategy is available now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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