All Conditions and Status Effects in Diablo 4, Explained

Injured, Chilled, Fortified... what does it all mean?

by Noah Nelson
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Diablo 4 is a big game and it has a lot of new and returning conditions and status effects to know. These status effects and conditions are never fully explained, so here’s your guide to help you remember what these terms are and how you can use them to make the best Rogue build in Diablo 4.

All Status Ailments in Diablo 4, Explained

There are a total of fifteen known status ailments in Diablo 4. These conditions range from effects you put on enemies to effects applied to yourself. Some classes have specific status ailments like Crackling Energy for Sorcerers and Blood Orb for Necromancers. Regardless, here is every status effect and condition in Diablo 4 explained.

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Skills, abilities, and weapon modifiers that apply chill make enemies have reduced movement speed. After enough chill is applied, the enemy becomes Frozen.


When an enemy or yourself is Frozen, they cannot move or attack for a short period of time. Enemies and players can continuously get Frozen if Chilled is constantly applied.


While Immune is active, the enemy or player can’t be damaged and all negative effects are removed and prevented.


When a player or enemy is Unstoppable, control impairing effects like Frozen are removed and prevented.


Vulnerable makes you or an enemy take 20% increased damage.


To become Fortified, a player or enemy needs to have more Fortify than their current health. When that happens, characters take 10% decreased damage.


While Berserking is active, you increase your damage by 25% and have a 30% increase in movement speed.


When a Barrier is cast, it absorbs damage from all sources up to a specific amount.

Blood Orb

When a Blood Orb is picked up, you heal for 15% of your Maximum Life.

Crackling Energy

Similar to Blood Orb, when Crackling Energy is picked up, you deal periodic damage to nearby enemies.


When you or an enemy is Dazed, they can’t attack or use skills but can still move.


A character is considered Healthy if they have more than 80% of their Maximum Life.


A character is considered Injured if they have less than 35% of their Maximum Life.


When you or an enemy has Overpower, they deal bonus damage based on the sum of their Maximum Life and Fortified Life.


If a character has Stealth, they cannot be targeted and will come out of stealth after taking damage or using an attack.

Those are all of the current status ailments in Diablo 4 right now. We could get thrown a curve ball and get more status effects and conditions like how we might be getting a sixth class, but if you ever need to remember what a specific keyword does in Diablo 4, visit this guide to help you out.

- This article was updated on March 24th, 2023

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