All Cosmetics and How to Get Them in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

Look the best while you purge

by J.T. Isenhour

One of the most important parts of any game is being able to customize your character. While it normally doesn’t provide any change to gameplay, there is something about looking good that makes you feel like you are playing better. Darktide is no exception to this. So of course, there are cosmetics in the game. But getting cosmetics in Darktide is going to be no easy task. Let’s go over all the different types of cosmetics and how you get them.

How To Get Cosmetics in Warhammer 40k Darktide

Currently, there are a few ways to get cosmetics in Darktide. If you managed to participate in the beta for the game, either by pre-ordering or getting an access code, you will be given a set of beat participant helmets as part of the beta rewards that you can claim. This is by far the simplest cosmetic you can get in the game as it is just given to you if you played during that time frame.

The next quickest way to get yourself some cosmetics is a tie between the two stores in the game. One of the stores will unlock for you when you reach trust level two with a character. This will allow you to buy cosmetics from it at the cost of Ordo, which is the currency you earn by playing the game. The cosmetics in this shop are nothing fancy as they are just reskins of other cosmetics you can unlock.

The other shop will be accessible as soon as you make your character and complete the tutorial. This shop can be found across from the weapons requisition store and sells premium currency cosmetics. Since they do cost money to buy, they tend to be one-of-a-kind cosmetics that stand out from the other cosmetics you can get in Darktide.


The final method of getting cosmetics in Darktide is through penances. Penances are Darktide’s version of achievements range in difficulty. Some of the penances that give you cosmetics are as simple, such as reaching set levels. However, the nicer the cosmetic, the more difficult the achievement for it will be.

The cosmetics you get from penances tend to be more status symbols more than anything else. While they do look nice, you have a bit more confidence in someone that is wearing the top-tier penance gear over the person fresh from the tutorial in their prison garb.

Each class has four sets of penance gear. One set can be acquired by leveling up the class to level 20. Another set can be acquired by completing challenges on any difficulty of mission. The next set of challenges will require you to play on at least Malice difficulty to be able to complete them. The final set of challenges tends to be the hardest and can only be completed on Hersey difficulty or above.

Each set of challenge gear evolves to be more complex as you complete each tier of challenge. Adding more purity seals, getting more bits of armor on, and the gear just looking cooler than the previous tier. So obviously everyone would want to get their hands on the nicest-looking gear as fast as possible, but you will need a near-perfect build in order to get it.

To equip any cosmetics that you buy, you will want to go into your operator menu and go to the second tab labeled Cosmetics. From this tab, you will be able to throw on your head, upper body, lower body, and backpack cosmetics if you have them. You can also put on portrait frames and insignias if you have them. Those can be seen around your operator’s icon in the bottom right and will be visible to anyone in your strike team.

Getting the portrait frames and insignias, is mostly done through the penance system. There is a portrait frame that is available through the special edition of Darktide. However, any other portrait frames and insignias that you see have to be earned through an achievement of some kind. Many of the frames and insignias are not class-specific so you can earn them no matter which class you choose to play. Even the ones that are locked to a class can be equipped on any class once you unlock it.

How to Get Weapon Camos and Charms in Darktide

Generally, the way to get weapon camos and charms are the same as the way you would get any other cosmetics. For your weapon camos, you would be able to find them in either of the stores. Normally you will find more in the basic weapons armory store than the premium shop until more stuff gets added to it. Hopefully, some nicer skins do get added in the game so you can make your best weapons look the best too.

For the charms, you can only get those through achievements or through special editions of the game. This makes them much harder to get as you can’t just spend the premium currency or your leftover Ordos on them.

To equip them, you will need to go into your operator menu like you are going to equip a new weapon. When you select a weapon to equip that you have a skin or charm for, you will be able to press a button to open appearances. From here you will be able to throw on the skins in one tab and the charms through the other.

If you are not seeing a weapon skin, make sure that you got it for the right weapon. With most weapon skins it can go on a couple of different weapons since many weapons share the same if not very similar models. Just make sure to compare the name of the weapon that you want to buy a skin for with the list of compatible weapons on a skin.

While it is not too hard to tell a chain sword and chain axe apart, it can be much more difficult to tell the many different swords apart from each other at a quick glance. This also applies to ranged weapons as well since they have much more varied models but still share a single skin.

Warhammer 40k: Darktide is available on PC and Xbox Game Pass.

- This article was updated on December 15th, 2022