All Dredge Endings and How to Get Them

Will you throw it back?

by Noah Nelson
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Dredge is an amazing indie game that has two different endings. Because the game has two different endings, you’ll most likely want to know how to see both of them. For all questions pertaining to the endings in Dredge, you’ve come to the right place.

How Many Endings Does Dredge Have?

Dredge has two endings and they are polar opposites. If you follow the thread of story told in the 12 messages in the bottles and see the truth behind The Collector, you’ll know what to do.

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How to Get the Bad Dredge Ending

Good and bad are subjective, but to get the ending where you use the relics and side with the Collector, you need to, of course, retrieve all the relics. You can reveal the true identity of The Collector by continuing down the dialogue path that allows you to take the book or you can follow his instructions to the end.

Either way, once you select the ending, you’ll head to the waypoint on the map and be able to see the bad ending in Dredge. It’s a great ending, but there is a secret ending that is considered the more morally good option.

How to Get the Secret Dredge Ending

There is a secret ending that is arguably the good ending in Dredge. To get it, you need to reveal the true identity of The Collector by taking the book from The Collector through persistent dialogue choices.

After The identity of The Collector has been revealed and you have the book, talk to the Lighthouse Keeper in Greater Marrow. After talking with her, she’ll give you an ending option similar to the bad ending. If you accept it, you’ll follow it to its conclusion and experience the good ending.

Can You See Both Endings in Dredge?

You can see both endings in Dredge. After you experience one ending, you can load up where you were just before selecting an ending and choose the other ending.

Can You Continue Playing After the Ending in Dredge?

You can continue playing Dredge as normal after experiencing an ending. Since the ending doesn’t have any saved progress, you’ll launch right into your game after the credits roll. You’re safe to see both endings and continue forward with your game afterward. Good luck grinding for Research Parts.

- This article was updated on April 3rd, 2023

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