How to Open the Blackstone Isle Workshop in Dredge – Is the Blackstone Key Worth It?

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by Noah Nelson
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As you progress through the story in Dredge, you’ll find that the Workshop on Blackstone Isle is locked and can’t easily be opened. You may think that you need to wait until later in Dredge to open the Workshop, but that isn’t quite right. Here’s how to open it and if it is worth it.

How to Open the Workshop on Blackstone Isle in Dredge

There is only one way to open the Workshop on Blackstone Isle and it is by buying the Blackstone Key DLC. There is no other way to open the Workshop. No special trinket or ancient technology you find in Dredge will give you what you need to open the Workshop.

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Some people who bought the physical edition of Dredge with the Blackstone Isle Key DLC are experiencing issues, but that will likely be patched by Black Salt Games very soon.

Is the Blackstone Key DLC Worth It?

If you didn’t purchase the Deluxe Edition of Dredge which comes with the Blackstone Key, you can buy the DLC for USD $5.00. You can purchase and apply it at any time.

What is Inside the Workshop in Dredge?

Once you have the Blackstone Key, you can open the Workshop whenever you’d like. In it, you’ll find the Arterial Engine which is an extremely fast engine with bony blades and a pulsing heart. You’ll also find Sign of Ruin which is a small talisman that increases your chances of finding Aberrations.

Considering how much the Blackstone Key DLC is worth and what you get from it, we’d say that it is worth it just because it minimizes the Aberration grind at the end of the game. But what do you think? After deciding for yourself if the Blackstone Key DLC is worth it, you can purchase it or continue enjoying Dredge.

- This article was updated on March 31st, 2023

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