How long is Dredge Playtime? Full Dredge Game Length

How long does it take to complete this fishing adventure?

by Christian Bognar
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Dredge is a unique fishing adventure game where players must sell their catch and use it to upgrade their boats for further fishing expeditions. With the game not being on Game Pass and listed as a $24.99 game, players are wondering whether or not the length of the game will meet the price point. Whether you focus on main quests or are a completionist, we have the length of both in this guide.

Dredge Length for Main Story and Completionists

According to how long to beat—the go-to source for the length of games—Dredge will take around 14 hours to complete when focusing on the main story and objectives. Now, if you are a completionist and plan on doing everything the game offers, it will take around 28 hours to complete in full. Time completed will fall between those two numbers if players take on only a few side objectives.

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With that amount of content included in the game at a price lower than most, Dredge is well worth the price point. Players will want to take on all the side quests available—otherwise known as Pursuits—to get the most out of the fishing adventure game. Taking on these side objectives will reward players with valuable rewards and upgrades to the boat, making the main goals much more manageable.

Also, the Pursuits side quests will take players all over the map, allowing them to see every beautiful scenery the game includes. It is a great way to feel like a deep-sea fisherman and add many more hours to the playthrough.

On Dredge’s journey, players will want to find as many Research Parts as fast as possible to help acquire better fishing poles, nets, and engines for the boat. The good news is that we have a comprehensive guide on how to farm these research parts quickly so that you can get a nice headstart at the beginning of your fishing journey.

- This article was updated on March 31st, 2023

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