All Final Fantasy XIV PVP Changes with Patch 6.4

PVP Changes have arrived in substantial ways with Patch 6.4!

by Gordon Bicker
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Final Fantasy XIV players are always on the lookout for any PVP changes that occur and Patch 6.4 has brought many along with it. This has meant that people are hunting around to find out exactly what these are, but we have you covered. This article will take you through everything you need to know about all the Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 PVP Changes.

Every Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 PVP Change

One of the important PVP changes to note is that series four has now begun and there are brand new rewards that you can unlock. Of course, there have also been numerous class changes which is where the interesting information awaits. The official information has been observed on the Lodestone patch notes page but it has been rewrote here for ease of access.

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Class/Job Changes for PVP

PaladinHoly SheltronThe damage that you can inflict if the barrier hadn’t been absorbed has been altered to include 100% of the barrier’s remaining potency.
BardSilent Nocturne, The Warden’s Paean, Apex Arrow, and Repelling ShotThe potency of both Apex Arrow and Repelling Shot have been increased by 2000. Silent Nocturne’s potency has been reduced by 2000 with its range reduced by 10 and the duration brought down by 1 second. We thought this reduction was a large nerf to the action. The Warden’s Paean action has reduced damage taken during the effect by an extra 5% along with the HP recovered upped by 5%. I personally love this particular change.
Red MageEnchanted Riposte, Enchanted Redoublement, and Enchanted Zwerchhau Added “Barrier potency is increased by 10% when target is afflicted with Monomachy” to all three of the actions.
DragoonWyrmwind Thrust, Horrid Roar, Heavens’ Thrust, High Jump, and
Sky Shatter
The Potency of both Horrid Roar and Heavens’ Thrust have been increased by 2000. Whereas players may not have expected to see a reduction in potency for Sky Shatter by 2000 and for High Jump by 1000. Along with this, Wrmwind Thrusts Potency potential will now start at 8000 instead of 4000.
SageToxikon and Toxikon IIBoth actions have had their effect duration upped by one second, making it last for six seconds in total now.
MachinistChain Saw and BioblasterOverall Damage Potency of Chain Saw has been reduced by 4000 but the potency is increased by 50% when your target’s HP is below 50%. Bioblaster’s Potency is doubled if the Analysis effect is applied to you.
SamuraiHissatsu: ChitenThe Kuzushi effect duration has been increased an extra second.
MonkThunderclap and EnlightenmentWind Resonance effect has been increased by five seconds for Thunderclap. Along with that, Englightment’s additional damage has been reduced by 4000.
ReaperGrim Swathe and Soul SliceSoul Slice now has had the recast time reduced by five seconds which we know players will be happy about. Grim Swathe on the other hand has had the maximum stacks of Soul Reaver reduced by one which will keep things balanced. Reaper has also had the new Guillotine action added. However, “Gibbet” and “Gallows” actions have been removed instead.
NinjaSeiton Tenchu and BunshinBunshin’s effect duration has been reduced by 10 seconds and Seiton Tenchu’s time for filling the limit gauge has been increased from 90 seconds to 105 seconds overall.

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Extra PVP Changes with Patch 6.4


  • Adjustments for Limit Gauge Buildup, damage taken, and damage dealt modifiers.
  • Limp status won’t be applied to any players that are attacked on a mount. Instead, the player on the mount will be unmounted.
  • Duration of Deep Freeze, Silence, Sleep, Stun, Heavy, and Bind have all been reduced by a total of 25%.
  • Adjustments to the Fields of Glory Shatter.
  • Frontlines will give PVP Series EXP as part of the daily challenge.
  • Score information has been added onto the HUD.
  • Winning team’s name is also displayed in Japanese but only if the in-game language is set to Japanese.
  • Players currently can’t register for Borderland Ruins (Secure) while the duty is being reworked by the development team.
  • The Grand Company affiliation and Grand Company bases have been altered so that they all appear better on the in-game map/UI. We think this is an incredibly positive change.
  • Tactical rating needed to win in Onsal Hakair is now decreased from 1600 to 1400 instead.
  • Invulnerability status which is given at each of the Grand Company’s (team) bases now prevents every status and knockback effect.
  • Data needed to win in Seal Rock has been reduced from 800 to 700 instead.

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Crystalline Conflict:

  • Season Seven started.
  • Commendation Crystals added.
  • Music for Crystalline Conflict is now changed back to what it was before Patch 6.38.
  • “Kits” and “Arena Events” are now automatically toggled to being on for custom matches.
  • There is improved visibility in Clockwork Castletown as objects within the map have been adjusted in terms of size and height.

That’s all of the Final Fantasy XIV PVP changes that arrived with Patch 6.4. Now you can happily go back to preparing for battle in one of the PVP modes yet again. I was very pleased to see that the potency of the Repelling Shot and Apex Arrow were increased. It will certainly make playing as a Bard in PVP even more worth it.

- This article was updated on May 23rd, 2023

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