12 Best Mogstation Store Items in Final Fantasy XIV

Are you on the lookout for the best Mogstation items in Final Fantasy XIV?

by Gordon Bicker
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Final Fantasy XIV has a large range of items on display for you in the MogStation Online Store offered by Square Enix for players to browse through. Whether you are looking for a fancy outfit to glam your character up or even a Fantasia: the Mogstation will have it all. This article will take you through the best Mogstation Online Store items in FFXIV.

Best Mogstation Online Store Items of All Time in FFXIV

12. Emote: Dote

This particular emote will let you blow a kiss to other players (or enemies if you prefer) within the game world. Not just that but it is also one of the most beautiful emotes around. Since you observe the pink heart floating toward the player, you will notice the lovely little touches to be found with the Dote emote.

11. Gaia’s Attire

This attire is something that you will tend to see on quite a frequent basis in-game. There is good reason for this thanks to it being a representation of Gaia. It is one of the more unique but blended fashion styles — a perfect choice for anyone who loves great fashion. Whether that be for a Miqo’te or another race.

10. Fat Cat Attire

Sometimes you may just want to dress up as a cat in the game and for times like those, the Fat Cat attire could come in mighty handy. If you are someone who attends various in-game events such as Nightclubs then there may even be a Halloween event for you to visit in the future. Going as a cat could bring a lot of joy to anyone who sees it.

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9. Dashing and Prim Valentione Rose Attire

For those who are looking for the Valentine’s Day style all year round then the Valentione Rose attire will certainly have you covered. With a gorgeous dress or a dashing waistcoat and more, there is something for everyone.

8. Emote: Drink Tea

No matter what your day is like, some tea can bring the spirits of many people up. Now in Final Fantasy XIV, you have the chance to showcase your tea-loving nature. Or perhaps you just want to have this emote ready anytime that you are planning to rest with your fellow players in-game.

7. Emote: Play Dead

Another emote which tends to get a lot of attention is the Play Dead emote. While you are venturing through Limsa Lominsa (usually as quickly as possible) you may spot some players on the floor flat. This will likely be a cause of this particular emote which can be used for a range of comedic purposes — or deep sorrow if you so wish.

6. Tales of Adventure: Shadowbringers

Players who are just starting off their journey in Final Fantasy XIV may want to skip certain parts of the game to reach Endwalker. The Tales of Adventure: Shadowbringers will allow you to do that with a lot of speed for a small price. Numerous hours of content will be missed so there may be a drawback if you — like many of us — enjoy Final Fantasy XIV’s story.

5. Little Lady’s Crown

This crown can be earned during the Little Ladies’ Day event but it got so popular that there was even an online store item created for acquiring it. The crown will sit nicely on top of your glamorous character’s head. If you are wanting to showcase a spot of your royal side then this will let you do just that.

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4. Street Attire

For those who want to go back to the 90s or early 2000s then you may even discover your past self with the street attire pack. You can dress up like the red brick wall lovers and embrace your character’s personality even more with this attire.

3. Phial of Fantasia

One of the most popular items on the online store is without a doubt the Phial of Fantasia. This will allow you to completely change the appearance of your Final Fantasy XIV character. Including race, gender, and more.

2. Mount: Ceruleum Balloons

If you are looking for a brand new way to travel around Eorzea then these Balloons may do the trick for you. “Why ride around on mounts when you can float?” is the question that some players may be asking themselves. The Ceruleum Balloons mount will have you holding onto the strings of colorful balloons as you begin using it.

1. Emote: Songbirds Cheer Set

Out of all the emotes in the game this is one of the best. Anytime you see a bard playing happily in city centers you now can rejoice by being able to cheer them on with glowstick equivalents. There are three emotes that you get with this pack. One is a wave with the sticks, another jumping, and also a forward and back stick movement.

Now you have had a look through all of the best items you can make your choice of which is worth your purchase. These were listed in no particular order so you don’t have to worry about that. Now you can get back to hunting for Discal Tomestones in new styles.

- This article was updated on March 28th, 2023

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