Where to Find the Name That Way Quest in FFXIV

Where can you find this important quest?

by Christian Bognar
Image: Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV, the long-running multiplayer entry for the beloved franchise, features tons of side content for players to get into. Many of these side quests and objectives can be stumbled upon while exploring the massive world, while others require some guidance to locate. One of the quests we speak of is the “Name That Way” side quest, which can reward players with an Aether Current. Here’s how you can find this quest.

Name That Way Quest Location in Final Fantasy XIV

Players can only access The Name That Way side quest after completing the Endwalker main scenario. This should take some time, but it is the first step in accomplishing the end goal. After that is out of the way, players must make their way to the Bestway Burrows on Mare Lamentorum. Here you will find the quest giver who goes by the name of Knockingway (Coordinates X:22.0, Y: 10.7).

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Upon completing the Name That Way side quest, the game will reward players with Aether Current, which is needed to fly in this particular zone. Finishing this and two other side quests in the Bestway Burrows on Mare Lamentorum must be met for the Loporrit Tribal Quest to become available.

The other two are easy to find as they are in the same area and are represented by a blue exclamation point. Head to those blue exclamation points on the map, and you can finish the two other mandatory side quests. There you have it—the exact location for the Name That Way Quest.

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- This article was updated on March 9th, 2023