All Lethal Company Hazard Levels Explained

Exploring the vast dangers of this Killer Job.

by Guillermo Rosario
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Lethal Company brings you and your friends on a space-faring journey where your team of miners and explorers research an abundance of moons in search of resources to sell.

In the Search of a new moon, your team will make a choice on the level of danger you’re bound to face. These Hazard levels are the difficulty bars for the procedurally generated moon your team will disembark on.

This often starts with a population count, records of endemic life, and finally ends with the Hazard Level itself. The Hazard Levels works on an alphabet basis, with levels C or D being of least concern to A and S being high-class dangers and treasures. This list will detail each of the levels and the dangerous beasts you might encounter.

The Mild Troubles of Levels D

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In these low-level moons, most endemic life encountered will consist of mostly harmless creatures that might attack if provoked and are easily disposed of in a fight or flight situation. One particular creature is the obnoxious hoarding bug, little critters that tend to steal the items you carry and retaliate when you try to get it back. Level D is essentially the tutorial in terms of difficulty, built to help new players get accustomed to the gameplay loop.

Interesting wonders and fascinating creatures of Levels C

Still fairly simple and considered an easy way to gain higher rewards and fulfill the company’s quota. Endemic life are mostly environmental and aside from an increased frequency of the hoarder bugs they are mostly meant to easily fill the research bestiary in the game.

Dangers Lurk in Levels B

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By the time you start exploring hazard level B moons, a more diverse roster of creatures will relentlessly hunt you down. Many of the moons at this level will proceed to be increasingly hazardous and unpredictable. There is a menagerie of beasts you’re bound to encounter between snare bugs, blind dogs outside the facility, and spiders that’ll cocoon your teammates and make traveling to and from the ship difficult. While many of these dangers can be repelled with teamwork, this is the point where it’s ill-advised to explore alone.

The Horrific nightmares of Hazard Level A

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Whether with a fun team or persevering alone, this is the point when the game’s difficulty skyrockets and dangers become much more persistent in slaughtering you. Lethal Company’s most fearsome monsters can be found in these hazard levels from Jesters to Coil Heads and Brackens. While monsters like Coil Heads can be managed to some degree, it becomes a nightmare fest as the facilities start contain multiple types of dangers, making this incredibly difficult.

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The Mysteries of Hazard Level S


For those that manage to make their way through the challenges of Hazard Level A and the loot that spawns with the dangers, that is when Moons that rank up to Level S begin to appear. Full of mystery and unpredictable peril, these areas produce some of the best materials and treasures to complete objectives and some of the most aggressive and unpredictable monsters.

Even running to the ship could be a death sentence when the Forest Keepers, giant beings residing in the woodlands outside the facilities and ships that’ll swiftly pursue and devour any careless employees caught in the open.

- This article was updated on November 14th, 2023

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