All New Pokemon Shown in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Check out these new Pokemon coming in Scarlet and Violet!

by Shaun Cichacki


As the excitement grows for the newest title in the Pokemon series, players have been waiting to find out about the newest monsters they’ll be able to capture in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Today, thankfully, we did hear about a few new monsters making their way into the game, alongside a new regional variant for an old fan favorite.

Let’s dive into these new monsters, and find out about their types, what we can expect their moveset to be like, and more! Here are the newest Pokemon making their way into our hearts, from the Paldea Region!

Cetitan, Fidough, and Paldean Wooper Join Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Starting off on the left, we have the newest ice-type monster joining the fray, Cetitan. With their Thick Fat and Slush Rush abilities, we are sure that this new Pokemon will be able to pack a big punch against their opponents, especially when paired up with the new Terastallizing Feature that is coming to these titles. Coming in at a massive 1,543 pounds, you’ll be ready to take on the biggest Pokemon without any fear, as Cetitan is here to protect you.

On the more adorable side, however, we have Fidough, the 1-foot-tall Fairy-type puppy who is sure to steal your heart. With the Own Tempo ability, you’ll come to find that this ‘mon is ready to help you out on the battlefield, as well as in other aspects of your journey. You’ll be able to puff up and intimidate your foes, as they are slightly elastic, giving you a chance to scare your enemies more than you should be able to with this cutesy Pokemon.

And rounding off the newest additions to the roster is the regional variant of Wooper, who is a Poison/Ground-type monster with the Poison Point/Water Absorb abilities. Since there is this new variant, we can only assume that there will be a new version of Quagsire in the pipeline, but no official images to showcase their new look either. Rather than being a primary water-based ‘mon, you’ll find that they have learned to cover themselves in a poisonous film so they can live on land now.

With the addition of these new Pokemon, players have plenty to look forward to in their journey across the Paldea region, so make sure you’re checking into our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Guide Section so you’re as ready as possible before these games reach the store shelves. You’ll be able to find out which monsters have made the cut ways to prepare for the upcoming multiplayer mode, and more information about the rideable legendary Pokemon!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be available on November 18th on Nintendo Switch.

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