All Overwatch 2 Season 1 Battle Pass Rewards and Skins

Paying isn't the only way to get Kiriko, but it is still the quickest method.

by J.R. Waugh

Overwatch 2 is poised to mark a big return for the Blizzard multiplayer hero shooter with some great quality-of-life improvements as well as some possibly controversial changes. The game comes with new heroes, and adjustments for old ones, but maintains a familiar aura for fans who got into it back in 2016. But with a big launch, comes a big incentive to keep the players playing, and with the game going free to play, comes the prospect of a meaty battle pass for Overwatch 2.

While some players might buck at the notion of having some truly enticing rewards locked away in the deeper tiers of this, it’ll keep folks coming back for more. Here’s our list of All Overwatch 2 Season 1 Battle Pass Rewards and Skins!

All Overwatch 2 Season 1 Battle Pass Rewards and Skins

The Battle Pass has 80 tiers to it, with some tiers potentially having multiple rewards and skins for use in Overwatch 2. While it might be a bit of a grind, some rewards are incredibly worthwhile, such as some super snazzy skins, emotes, victory poses, and even a hero.

There are 2 options you can take, with the Free Battle Pass having 20 tiers with rewards spread across 80 through which you must progress, and the Premium Battle Pass unlocking rewards for each of the other 60 tiers. The Premium Pass costs 1000 Overwatch Coins, equivalent to $10 USD, and unlocks Kiriko as a playable Hero immediately, but you won’t miss out on her if you choose the Free route. Read on for our full list.

Overwatch 2 Premium Pass Rewards


The Premium Battle Pass in Overwatch 2 has 80 tiers in total, with substantial cosmetic rewards and instant access to an excellent new Support Hero, Kiriko. The Premium Pass is listed below, ordered by their tiers and corresponding rewards:

  1. Kiriko Hero, EDM Skin (D.Va), Cybermari Weapon Charm; +20% XP All Season
  2. Cybermari Player Icon
  3. Sky Centurion Name Card
  4.  “You can be improved” Voice Line (Moira)
  5. Cookie Emote (Reaper)
  6. Fist Bump Victory Pose (Mei)
  7. Salute Spray (Winston)
  8. Mechanical Brain Souvenir
  9. “Stand Up” Voice Line (Lucio)
  10. Tactical Skin (Winston)
  11. Holo Sakura Player Icon
  12. Sakura Name Card
  13. Locked and Loaded Highlight Intro (Soldier 76)
  14. Only You Spray (Cassidy)
  15. Origami Crane Weapon Charm
  16. Evaluate Victory Pose (Sojourn)
  17. DJ Spray (D.Va)
  18. Great Waves Name Card
  19. “Exist” Voice Line (Zenyatta)
  20. “Hinotori” Skin (Kiriko)
  21. EDM Player Icon
  22. Dogtag Spray (Sojourn)
  23. Pineapple Pizza Souvenir
  24. Translocator Victory Pose (Sombra)
  25. “On My Bike” Voice Line (Kiriko)
  26. Raboday Emote (Baptiste)
  27. Lion Slayer Spray (Junker Queen)
  28. Mitzi and Friends Name Card
  29. “A Long Way Down” Voice Line (Hanzo)
  30.  Commando Skin (Sojourn)
  31. Commando Player Icon
  32. Sky Centurion Spray (Pharah)
  33. Nailed It Highlight Intro (Tracer)
  34. “Neck of the Woods” Voice Line (Cassidy)
  35. Tokki Keyring Weapon Charm
  36. Noble Victory Pose (Brigitte)
  37. Cyber Phoenix Spray (Kiriko)
  38. Omni Code Name Card
  39. “It’s All Connected” Voice Line (Sojourn)
  40. Beast Hunter Skin (Junker Queen)
  41. Kumihimo Player Icon
  42. Puzzle Cube Souvenir
  43. Rise N’ Shine Spray (Cassidy)
  44. Ponder Victory Pose (Moira)
  45. “High Tech, Low Tech…” Voice Line (Ana)
  46. Sipping Emote (Junkrat)
  47. Crows Spray (Sigma)
  48. Hinotori Player Icon
  49. “Parts and Whole” Voice Line (Sigma)
  50. Miko Skin (Mercy)
  51. Arcade Spray
  52. EDM Tokki Player Icon
  53. Incoming! Highlight Intro (D.Va)
  54. “Upgrades” Voice Line (Sojourn)
  55. Kitsune Weapon Charm
  56. Just Breathe Spray (Genji)
  57. Cyber Demon Name Card
  58. “The Dragon and I Are One” Voice Line (Genji)
  59. Hologram Victory Pose (Roadhog)
  60. Sky Centurion Skin (Pharah)
  61. Brain Player Icon
  62. “Run With Blades” Voice Line (Kiriko)
  63. Rainbow Pool Name Card
  64. Itadakimasu Emote (Hanzo)
  65. Commando Spray (Sojourn)
  66. Poised Victory Pose (Echo)
  67. “I Do Love Neon” Voice Line (Junker Queen)
  68. Folded Crane Souvenir
  69. Kitsune player icon
  70. Forest Ranger Skin (Cassidy)
  71. Crime Boss Spray (Junkrat)
  72. Forest Ranger Player Icon
  73. “I Do Not Cower” Voice Line (Orisa)
  74. Robo Thumb Souvenir
  75. Cyberdemon Mask Weapon Charm
  76. Old Soldiers Spray (Sojourn)
  77. Crowned Victory Pose (Junker Queen)
  78. Do Something Highlight Intro (Ashe)
  79. Synthwave Name Card
  80. Cyber Demon Skin (Genji), Cyber Demon Player Icon, Demonic Deflection Spray

Overwatch 2 Free Battle Pass Rewards


For those seeking a more simplified experience without having to spend money, you’re in luck. Despite Kiriko turning out to be a potentially deadly new support player, you’ll be able to attain her for free, as well as some other major rewards, by playing the Battle Pass and enjoying the FTP aspects of the game. We have our list of the free rewards below, along with their corresponding tier on the Battle Pass for Season 1:

  • Tier 2 —  Cybermari Player Icon
  • Tier 6 — Fist Bump Victory Pose (Mei)
  • Tier 10 — Tactical Skin (Winston)
  • Tier 13 — Locked and Loaded Highlight Intro (Soldier 76)
  • Tier 19 — “Exist” Voice Line (Zenyatta)
  • Tier 23 — Pineapple Pizza Souvenir
  • Tier 28 — Mitzi and Friends Name Card
  • Tier 31 — Commando Player Icon
  • Tier 36 — Noble Victory Pose (Brigitte)
  • Tier 39 — “It’s All Connected” Voice Line (Sojourn)
  • Tier 43 — Rise N’ Shine Spray (Cassidy)
  • Tier 46 — Sipping Emote (Junkrat)
  • Tier 51 — Arcade Spray
  • Tier 55 — Kitsune Weapon Charm
  • Tier 58 — “The Dragon and I Are One” Voice Line (Genji)
  • Tier 61 — Brain Player Icon
  • Tier 65 — Commando Spray (Sojourn)
  • Tier 70 — Forest Ranger Skin (Cassidy)
  • Tier 74 — Robo Thumb Souvenir
  • Tier 79 — Synthwave Name Card

There’s plenty to be enjoyed in either iteration of the Battle Pass for Overwatch 2 Season 1, whether you are seeking rewards for continuous play, or simply want some new cosmetics for your favorite character. Particular highlights in this pass include the new hero, Kiriko, and even a legendary skin for her, as well as the first Mythic skin for Genji, Cyber Demon if you buy into the Premium Pass. What’s nuts is, the Cyber Demon has some extra customization options, allowing you to choose a different sword design, as well as 3 different types of tattoos on his body, masks, and color schemes respectively. They also look incredible, making this a worthy pursuit.

Overwatch 2 Season 1 begins on October 4, 2022, when the game releases, and concludes on December 6, 2022. When the game comes out, it might be worthwhile to consider the Watchpoint Pass, which includes the Premium Battle Pass perks, and always keep an eye out for any rewards made available by Twitch. There are lots to enjoy if you keep playing the game, so be sure to invite your friends to play together!

Overwatch 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.