All Platforms and Systems in Evolve Stage 2

The game that popularized the asymmetric genre is making a comeback, so what platforms can you try it out on?

by Elliott Gatica


Turtle Rock’s asymmetrical monster hunting game was an early success for the books. However, while the game got praise early on in its life, the player base and support for it was quickly waning, making the company push the game out into free-to-play. It was called Evolve Stage 2 and did see an uptick in community support, but eventually lost its dedicated servers not too long after. Somehow in 2022, the game is making a resurgence, and people want to get into it again or for the first time. Here are all the platforms and systems you can play Evolve Stage 2 in.

All Platforms and Systems in Evolve Stage 2

Right now, the game is technically available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, but it’s delisted. This means that unless you have purchased the game before it was removed from the digital storefronts, you cannot download it. The only legitimate way you can is if you get a code that’s still valid so you can download the game or if you buy a physical copy of the Legacy edition.

The game’s dedicated servers were taken offline, meaning ranked modes and typical matchmaking are completely dead. So, this leaves you only to really matchmake via a peer-to-peer connection. The game also came out in the early stages of the eighth console generation, so there is no cross-play.

Right now, the largest community for Evolve Stage 2 lies on the PC side. Even then, people have been using a Discord server to set up games and teach others how to acquire or reinstall the game despite it being unavailable on digital storefronts.

Currently, with its recent resurgence, Evolve is now averaging just over 1,000 players according to the Steam Charts. That’s way more than it once was about a month ago. The same can’t necessarily be said when it comes to people playing on consoles.

Until it becomes re-listed on digital storefronts, Evolve is out now with limited availability on all platforms, especially on PC. Make sure to check out the Evolve Reunited 2.0 Discord to set your game up and play with people.

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