All Pokemon Unite Anniversary Login Rewards and Skins

Planning to get the anniversary rewards?

by Gordon Bicker


Pokemon Unite is approaching its 1st anniversary which will be on the 21st of July and it wouldn’t be much of an anniversary without a lot of celebrations. Of course, there are going to be a lot of celebrations indeed for this game’s anniversary as with a lot of Pokemon games such as Pokemon Go. When the time rolls around for the anniversary you will be able to get lots of rewards from the game; this guide article will take you through all of the Pokemon Unite Anniversary login rewards and the general rewards that you will obtain.

Pokemon Unite Anniversary Login Rewards and Holowear/Skins

There are a lot of rewards that you will be able to get starting from the anniversary day onwards. Firstly, Glaceon is going to be arriving to the experience. You will be able to get their Unite License by completing the missions that will be available from the Icy Glaceon Challenge. This will start up on July 21st at 12:00 Am PDT until August 14th at 4:59 Pm PDT.

Up next, you will of course get the opportunity to get login rewards and you will get both Unite Licenses and special Holowear at the same time. You will need to log in for five separate days before October 12th at 4:59 PDT to get all the rewards. The log-in rewards for the days are as follows:

Day Login Reward
One Pikachu Unite License and the Fashionable Style: Pikachu Holowear
Two Lucario Unite License and the Concert Style: Lucario Holowear
Three Blastoise Unite License and the Firefighter Style: Blastoise Holowear
Four Snorlax Unite License and the Bedtime Style: Snorlax Holowear
Five Sylveon Unite License and the Checkered Style: Sylveon Holowear

If you have any of those rewards already then you will get 100 Aeos coins instead of that reward you already have. There certainly are a lot of login rewards on offer for you! Time to jump back into Pokemon Unite!

Pokemon Unite is available now for IOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

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