All Roblox Royale High Winter Halo Answers (2022)

Ready to earn a new Halo? Find out the answers to this quiz here!

by Shaun Cichacki

Players hoping to get their hands on a rare Halo within the Royale High experience on Roblox have the perfect opportunity to make that happen. Alongside the newest update to this particular experience, players can partake in a special quiz that may give them the Winter Halo 2022.

While it is not guaranteed to get one, players that happen to be graced with plenty of luck during this question-and-answer portion of the quiz may earn one, but can at least rake in plenty of XP and Diamonds along the way. Let’s find the best answers that may put you in the running to earn a special Halo in this experience!

Where To Take Quiz In Roblox Royale High


Players hoping to partake in this event will want to jump directly into the Snowglobe Summit and make their way up the small flight of stairs once everything has loaded in. Once players have spotted a large wishing well, they’ll know that they’re in the right spot.


Clicking on the Fountain of Dreams will give gamers the perfect opportunity to start this quiz up, so let’s find out all of the best choices players can make to hopefully add a Halo to their collection!

Roblox Royale High Winter Halo Answers

Players will read through special stories that players have submitted into this title and can choose between 4 different answers. While players may receive diamonds and XP instead of the Halo, if they select the right choice and are lucky enough to receive one of these rare items, they’ll be greeted with a unique ending to the story. These answers will give players the best chance of claiming a Halo.

Story NameHalo Answer
Winter Ball StoryGo For A Dance, Compete For Crowned Royalty
Winter Activities StoryGo To Decorate The Tree!
Animal Prints StoryNarrow, Refined Hooves
Cooling Mechanism StoryA Prism of Aurora Light, A Pure Ice Crystal
Captain Whiskers StorySpending Time With Him
Mystical Items StoryThe Glistening Frosted Book
Scented Candle StorySweet-Scented Cinnamon
Snow Globe StoryFind Its Owner
Lost In A Blizzard StoryAscend The Mountain
Snowy Figure StoryThank Them
Beverage Stand StoryGlacial Gingerbread
Mysterious Caves StoryFamiliarly Festive Green Boat
Rental Skates StoryThe Worn-Out Candy Cane Pattern Skates
Quick Snack StoryPeppermint-Flavored Hot Cocoa!
Avalanche StoryStop It With An Ice Spell!

These answers will hopefully grace you with a brand new Halo, but if not, players may need to wait until the next event rolls around. Much like the Halloween Event of the past, there are plenty of opportunities to get one of these special items, but players may need to continue to work hard to finally earn one.

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 28th, 2022

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