All Starborn Armor Sets in Starfield and How to Get Them

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by Alejandro Josan
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Imagine going through the trouble of reliving an entire lifetime of choices over and over again. Well, at least you get a new suit every time you do! Here are all Starborn armor sets in Starfield and how to get them.

Starfield: How to Get All Starborn Armor Sets

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Starborn armor sets in Starfield are not only great-looking but are arguably the hardest armor sets to get in the game. Not because they are tied to a particularly hard mission, dependent on an overly complicated succession of decisions, or even hidden behind extremely low drop chances. To get every single one of the Starborn armor sets you will have to start a brand-new game in New Game Plus. This is a mechanic that involves you becoming Starborn after walking into the Unity. All of this translates to you having to complete the game a total of eleven times to be able to collect all the Starborn armor sets. Here is a list of all the Starborn armor sets, their stats, and how to unlock them:

All Starborn Armor Sets in Starfield

Astra1491491495050505017.4051670Unlocked at New Game Plus.
Materia1591591595050505017.4053590Unlocked at New Game Plus 2.
Locus1701701705050505017.4055510Unlocked at New Game Plus 3.
Tenebris1811811815050505017.4057425Unlocked at New Game Plus 4.
Solis1921921925050505017.4059340Unlocked at New Game Plus 5.
Gravitas2032032035050505017.4061265Unlocked at New Game Plus 6.
Bellum2142142145050505017.4063180Unlocked at New Game Plus 7.
Tempus2242242245050505017.4065105Unlocked at New Game Plus 8.
Avitus2352352355050505017.4067025Unlocked at New Game Plus 9.
Venator2462462465050505017.4068340Unlocked at New Game Plus 10.

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It is safe to say that if you are up to the challenge of getting the Venator Starborn armor set then you might as well declare Starfield as your favorite game since it will be the only game you will be playing for a while. If you do, then be sure to collect XP as fast as possible to get to New Game Plus 10 before this universe’s time is over.

- This article was updated on October 25th, 2023

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