All Weapons in Party Animals, Ranked

by Drew Kopp
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Party Animals is a physics-based game where your goal is to pummel your friends into submission. While the fists, feet, or foreheads of the many adorable animals you can take control of are usually more than enough to get the job done, there are a handful of weapons you can pick up and use to inflict some cartoonish pain on your rivals. Some weapons are better at getting the job done than others, and knowing which ones are worth wielding can give you a significant advantage. Here is our list of the best and worst weapons in Party Animals.

Best Weapons in Party Animals, From Best to Worse

There are thirteen unique weapons in Party Animals, each with advantages and drawbacks. During my time with the game, I encountered situations where almost every weapon was helpful, but some were undeniably better than others. While crafting this list, some of the factors we considered were how easy a specific instrument of harm is to pick up and how universally effective it is. Here is how we rank every weapon in Party Animals from best to worst.

SBaseball Bat, Nunchucks, Hammer,
AFrying Pan, Tennis Racket, Spinach, Lollipop, Shovel
BCrossbow, Freeze Gun, Stun Gun
CBoomerang, Bomb, Plunger

All C-Tier Weapons in Party Animals

The Bomb

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On paper, the bomb sounds like one of the most effective weapons in Party Animals. To use it, you have to pick it up and chuck it at your enemies before the fuse runs out and it explodes. The problem is that the bomb’s fuse is much longer than you’d think, giving other players plenty of time to scatter before the bomb goes off.

However, the frustration of that development is a pleasure compared to the horror of being tackled just after you pick up a bomb, which causes you to drop the lit bomb onto the ground next to you. Here’s hoping you can get back onto your feet and clear out before all your carefully laid plans blow up in your face.

The Boomerang

Let’s be honest; everyone should know what a boomerang does by now, and this Australian icon works the same in Party animals as it does in real life. With proper aim and timing, the boomerang can deliver a devastating surprise attack on an unsuspecting foe and knock them out, and landing a successful boomerang bop is incredibly satisfying.

Unfortunately, the boomerang is one of the trickiest weapons to pick up because of its distinct shape, giving your opponents time to rush in and wail on you before you can arm yourself. To make matters worse, the boomerang can knock you out on its return trip if you aren’t facing it, and maneuvering your animal into a specific position is one of the hardest things to do in Party Animals.

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The Plunger

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The plunger is one of the weirdest weapons in Party Animals because it doesn’t seem to do anything. The plunger can attach to and drag your opponents, but you can already grab them without a plunger. The plunger can’t even knock people out, so your targets will be awake and struggling as you pull them toward a ledge.

The only positive thing I can say about the plunger is that it has no serious drawbacks, unlike the bomb and the boomerang. Unfortunately, its lack of knock-out power means that the best it can do is annoy your opponents.

All B-Teir Weapons in Party Animals

The Freeze Ray

The freeze ray is a long-range weapon that fires ice-cold pellets that, on contact, will freeze your foes solid, stunning them for a few seconds. This can be a great way to sabotage your opponents on team-based maps like Fluffy Redemption and Into the Game since you can tag them with freezing pellets from a safe distance.

However, the problem with the stun gun is that weapons and other grabbable objects can deflect the freezing pellets. On maps like Trebuchet and Fluffy Redemption, my opponents were constantly deflecting my shots, and there were even times when the shells bounced back in my direction and froze me or one of my allies.

The Stun Gun

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The stun gun is, by and large, a re-skin for the freeze ray, shooting paralyzing taser rounds instead of freezing pellets. The stun gun has the same uses as the freeze ray: stunning opponents so you can keep them from performing a crucial task or move in for a ring-out throw.

What makes the stun gun better than the freeze ray is that its ammunition isn’t as easy to reflect as the freeze ray’s freeze pellets because they’re smaller and don’t slide around. The taser rounds can still zap you if you stumble into them before they run out of charge, so watch your footing if you’re firing shots off willy-nilly.

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The Crossbow

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Rounding out Party Animals’ triumvirate of ranged projectile weapons is the crossbow, and it’s the best by a long shot (I’m not sorry.) The crossbow fires plunger bolts that stick to your opponents, weighing them down and making it harder for them to maneuver.

The most significant advantage to the crossbow is that its ammunition can’t hurt you if you miss your target, so you can fire it without worrying about instant karma. Oh, and it can knock your opponents out in one hit if you land a headshot, so there’s that.

All A-Tier Weapons in Party Animals

The Tennis Racket

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The tennis racket is one of several melee weapons in Party Animals that function similarly. The tennis racket is wielded with both of your animal’s paws, claws, and wings, and you perform a three-hundred-sixty-degree spin attack whenever you use it. The tennis racket is excellent at hitting groups of opponents thanks to its broad sweep, and it’s just as effective against single foes.

The only real issue with the tennis racket is that it doesn’t hit as hard as its contemporaries, so don’t expect to send anyone flying with it. However, it’s still a decent option if you desperately need a weapon.

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The Can of Spinach

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The can of spinach is the only power-up in Party Animals, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be classified as a weapon. Once you pick up the can of spinach, you’ll consume its contents and enter a powered-up state where you glow red, and all of your attacks are more powerful, allowing you to knock your foes out with a single punch.

The can of spinach can be a lifesaver in rounds where all your opponents are ganging up on you but don’t go too wild after you’ve powered up. You move faster and get more air time whenever you jump or do a dropkick, so you can fly right off the stage if you miss an attack close to the arena’s edge.

The Frying Pan

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The frying Pan is another crowd-clearing melee weapon wielded with both hands, and it’s essentially a better version of the tennis racket. It hits harder and sends people flying a bit farther than the tennis racket, but it does slow you down, so be careful if you try to wield it while playing on a level where there’s ice.

The Lollipop

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The lollipop is the first weapon that those who play Party Animal’s tutorial ever get to use, and it’s one of the best in the game. The lollipop is easy to use, allowing you to knock out an opponent with a swift, decisive swing. The best thing about the lollipop is that it’s easy to pick up, so you don’t have to worry about being unable to pick it up in the heat of combat.

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The Shovel

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The shovel is another two-handed weapon that does one thing but does it well. The shovel can knock opponents out easily and launch them relatively far, allowing it to fill a similar niche to the lollipop and the frying pan. However, I can’t help but feel like the shovel is weighted differently than the others since I lost my balance while using it more often than I did with any other weapon.

All S-Tier Weapons in Party Animals

The Hammer

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The hammer is the most effective two-handed weapon in Party Animals and one of the hardest-hitting. The hammer is almost guaranteed to knock out any opponents it hits, and the wide range of its swing means that you can hit multiple foes at once. On top of that, it has insane launch power, so anyone hit by it is sure to go flying.

The hammer can be a game-changer in team-based maps if you pick it up and put yourself between the enemy team and its goal. My team won several rounds of Fluffy Redemption, and I never picked up a piece of coal; I was too busy sending enemy animals flying off their train.

The Nunchucks

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The nunchucks are one of the most unusual weapons in Party Animals, but anyone who has used them knows just how good they can be. The nunchucks hit hard and take little-to-no time to recharge. This means you can run up and deliver a series of heavy blows on a single opponent, although you can knock yourself out if you swing them around too much.

While the nunchucks’ speed is more than enough to make them a great weapon, their true power lies in their ability to disarm opponents. When used at the right angle, the nunchucks can knock a gun out of your opponent’s hand. This can allow you to deal with well-positioned foes who keep everyone at bay with a hammer or a lollipop.

The Baseball Bat

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The baseball bat is the best weapon in Party Animals because of how easily it can knock out opponents. The baseball bat combines the speed of the nunchucks with the incredible damage of the hammer, and anyone who has wielded one can attest to how easy it is to use the bat to knock out large groups of foes in rapid succession. When a skilled animal uses it, the baseball bat can turn a round of Party Animals into a game of whack-a-mole.

- This article was updated on September 20th, 2023

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