All Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Weapon Types, Explained

Are you ready to understand the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty weapon types?

by Gordon Bicker
Image of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.
Image: Koei Tecmo

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has a vast array of weapons that will keep you on your toes while you work to upgrade them. Many players will no doubt be wondering what all of the weapons actually are in the game for you to use. This article will take you through every weapon type in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty with some information for you to use about each.

Every Weapon Type in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

There are 16 weapon types in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty which you are able to take advantage of. The table below lists each type for you to go back to anytime you may need it. Whether you are a collector or simply want to know which you haven’t used yet — the table will have you covered.

Weapon TypeExplanation/Description
SwordSwords are one of the weapon types that you will likely spend the most time with. They are certainly one of the more balanced types with a good variation across range and speed.
Dual SabresIf you are looking to live out your assassin lives then the Dual Sabres will have your back. These are extremely quick at making attacks. They can be your saving grace at any moment when you need to deal with a swarm of low-health enemies.
BowNo RPG would be complete without a bow weapon type. Loved by many across the games community, the bow in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a ranged weapon that can deal damage at longer distances. You are also able to move around while wielding the bow so it can be great to make use of.
Curved SabresCurved Sabres have some excellent Martial Arts for you to utilize. There are arts such as Thunderous Impact which will have you charging toward the enemy with immense energy. The Curved Sabres have more of a sweep-style attack that makes them ideal for close situations.
HalberdInstead of being too focused on close-range with weapons such as swords, Halberds will allow for longer than short-range attacks. They look like a spear with an axe at the top and will definitely enhance your arsenal.
PoleaxeThe poleaxe weapons are ideal for those who want a lot of differences in attack styles all combined into one weapon. Long sweeping attacks will be allowed but you can also get plenty of jabs off with the Poleaxe.
Slashing SpearAs it says on the tin, the slashing spear is perfect for getting important visceral attacks on your foes. Although the word ‘slashing’ may make you think you have to be quite close with this weapon — it can’t be further from the truth. Instead, you will find you can use this weapon at longer ranges effectively.
CrossbowThe crossbows are similar to bows in the fact that they should be used at much longer ranges more often than not. However, unlike bows, crossbows deal much higher damage to enemies meaning they can be a nice complement to your melee attacks. Be sure to take into account the fact that your movement will be restricted while using the Crossbow.
Dual HalberdsThe Dual Halberds perform similarly to the regular Halberds however you will of course be able to hit more enemies while using them. Nonetheless, they do still have Martial Arts that you can use. Some of these arts such as Bamboo Sever are present in other Dual weapons Martial arts.
Straight SabresQuick and efficient the Straight Sabres are close in style to the curved Sabres but will still allow for enough versatility that they can be a worthy weapon pick. Any Sea of Thieves fans can rejoice at finding a weapon that will definitely suit them.
Repeating CrossbowThe Repeating Crossbows are much quicker to fire than regular crossbows. This means that they do not feel as bulky. Very quickly you may find that they could become one of your favorite weapons for this fact when watching them in action.
GlaiveThis is a weapon type that will limit how much you can attack. Since they generally have a longer wind-up time after you make your move it means you have to be precise with your timing. They do make up for this by way of their excellent damage.
StaveThe Stave is one of the most versatile types of weapon that combine the best of all worlds. From great range to speed they cover a lot of bases which will allow you to be particularly formidable on the field.
HammerIf you are looking for a weapon that deals an incredible amount of damage then Hammers are the weapon type for you. These of course are much slower than all of the other weapons so keep that in mind before you go rushing headlong into getting one.
SpearThe Spear is great for jabbing attacks in a similar way to the Slashing Spear. Even though they may not cover as much ground — it does not mean they are useless.
Dual SwordsDual Swords are an extension of the basic Sword weapon type in the game. The weapon type is simply two swords that you wield instead of just one. They still don’t deal a ton of damage but in a similar way to the Dual Sabres, they have extremely fast attack speeds.

Are There Any Other Weapons I Can Use in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Yes, there are throwable weapons that you can use in the game too. There are only a few of these weapons but they are still greatly useful to have — these are shown below.

  • Poison Throwing Knife
  • Fire Pot
  • Throwing Knife

The table in the section above lists the main weapon types but the thrown weapons will help you gain an extra edge. Now that you know about every type of weapon in the game you can get back to surviving the brutally tough enemies.

- This article was updated on March 3rd, 2023