Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to Upgrade the Hugr-Rip in Dawn of Ragnarok

The more Silica, the more upgrades.

by Noah Nelson


There are a couple of new tools to use in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok, but the most exciting one is the Hugr-Rip. The Hugr-Rip is a mythic Dwarven device that you get very early in the game. In the Dawn of Ragnarok expansion, players can use the power of the Hugr-Rip to steal the Powers of enemies from other realms. While all Powers are available to you from the start, every Power has upgrades. Here is everything you need to know about upgrading the Hugr-Rip in Dawn of Ragnarok.

All Hugr-Rip Powers in Dawn of Ragnarok

As mentioned previously, the Hugr-Rip is an extremely powerful tool that will steal your enemies’ Powers.  There are five powers in total and each power has two upgrades. The upgrades can be selected by opening your menu and selecting Hugr-Rip. Here are the upgrades for each power:

  • Power of Rebirth – Your weapon is set ablaze and can ignite enemies. Deceased foes are resurrected to fight on your side. This does not apply to Boss enemies. Duration: 40 seconds.
      • Shield of the Draugr – Damage taken is decreased by 20%. Enemy attacks do not interrupt you, but still inflict damage.
      • Instant Horde – Activating the Power automatically resurrects dead bodies within a 10-meter radius to fight on your behalf. This does not apply to Boss enemies.
  • Power of Muspelheim – Lava and Fire do not inflict damage. Giants perceive you as a Muspel until provoked. Duration: 25 seconds.
      • Muspelheim Endurance – Duration increased to 35 seconds.
      • Muspelheim Fury – Perform a Heavy Attack to cause an explosion across a 5-meter radius. Doing so breaks the Disguise aspect of the Power.
  • Power of the Raven – Shapeshift into a Raven, take to the skies and reach new heights. You can land on any flat solid surface. Duration: 30 seconds or until you land.
      • Raven Endurance – Duration increased to 50 seconds. Landing will still deactivate the Power.
      • Raven Assassin – While Power of the Raven is active, you can Air-Assassinate enemies. Doing so counts as landing and therefor deactivates the Power.
  • Power of Jotunheim – Aim your bow and shoot at World Knots to teleport. Giants perceive you as a Jotun until provoked. Dodges and Rolls teleport you. Duration: 25 seconds.
      • Jotunheim Incarnate – As long as the Jotun Disguise is not broken, each successful undetected Assassination extends the duration of the Power by 15 seconds.
      • Jotunheim Assassination – Enemies become Teleport targets while active. Aim your bow and shoot enemies to Teleport-Assassinate them. Doing so consumes a full Stamina bar.
  • Power of Winter – Deal 30% more damage to Muspel Giants. Attacking enemies gradually freezes them. Enemies that are frozen solid can be shattered into pieces with your next attack. Duration: 20 seconds.
      • Winter’s Wrath – Shattering a frozen enemy causes a frost explosion, affecting enemies that are in range.
      • Stabbing Cold – Damage increased by 10%. Freezing enemies happens at a faster rate.

The best Power upgrades to get are the Power of Muspelheim and Power of the Raven upgrades since you’ll be using both of those a lot for navigating and puzzles. One of the most useful upgrades to the Hugr-Rip is the Hugr Reaver, which unlocks a second Hugr bar so that you can save extra Hugr or use two powers at once.


How to Upgrade the Hugr-Rip

Now that you know what each power is, you need to know how to upgrade them. Upgrades are gained through various special materials found throughout the world. Upgrades can only be applied at a Blacksmith in a Shelter. Here are the materials you’ll need to equip upgrades:

  • Silica – Can be found in Mylna Raid locations.
  • Giant Feather – Can be found by killing a Giant Raven.
  • Magma Blood – Can be found by killing any Muspel, but Brann and Ash-Bringer will always drop some.
  • Jotun Seidr – Can be found by killing any Jotun, but Jotnar-Djevelen will always drop some.
  • Frozen Blood – Can be found by killing any Jotun, but Jotnar-Guld will always drop some.
  • Living Spark – Can be found by killing Muspel, but Flame-Keeper will always drop some

A Giant Raven is found on the path right as you are free to roam Svartalfheim, but they can mostly be found at the foot of High Point mountains. Muspel Giants and Jotun Giants can be found in Raids and in almost every town. Silica is only found in Raids. Each upgrade costs 20 of its specific material and 5 Silica. For more, check out our Dawn of Ragnarok guides.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok is available now on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia, and PC.

- This article was updated on July 19th, 2022

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