Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: All River Raids Mode Rewards at Vagn’s Wares

Stockpile those Foreign Cargo Chests

by Joshua Garibay

River Raids have come to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. If you aren’t familiar with the mode, here’s everything you need to know. The mode has brought a host of new rewards for those willing to brave the hostile military encampments and guarded monasteries.

Players will want to seek out the latest member of Ravensthorpe, Vagn, who resides outside of the newly constructed River Raids Dock. He has brought with him a handful of wares, but Vagn is only interested in trading for a specific currency.

Foreign supplies are the new resource exclusive to River Raids and they are tucked within Foreign Cargo Chests. Build up that supply count to grab everything on offer.

Here’s what can be obtained from Vagn.

All River Raids Rewards at Vagn’s Wares

Longship Cosmetics (200 Foreign Supplies Each)

  • Jomsviking Figurehead Scheme
  • Jomsviking Hull Scheme
  • Jomsviking Sails Scheme
  • Jomsviking Shields Scheme
  • Jomsviking Tailpiece Scheme

Tattoo Cosmetics (150 Foreign Supplies Each)

  • Jomsviking Scheme (Arms)
  • Jomsviking Scheme (Back)
  • Jomsviking Scheme (Head)
  • Jomsviking Scheme (Chest)