Atomic Heart: Best Glove Upgrades to Unlock First

Best early-game upgrades.

by Christian Bognar
Atomic Heart What to Upgrade First
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Atomic Heart boasts a considerable weapon and glove skill tree that can be used to create a powerful character. Players will want to upgrade the glove early to handle the difficult robots and zombies the game throws at them. When you interact with Nora, the robot with the skill tree, she will give you many options. This guide will recommend the best early-game upgrades for your glove.

Best Polymer Upgrades to Unlock First in Atomic Heart

Players can choose glove upgrades from Frostbite, Shok, Character, Mass Telekinesis, Polymeric Jet, Polymeric Shield, and Energy Management. Each has a unique purpose, improving your character in the game.

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Below is a list of the best early-game upgrades and what they do. To unlock these upgrades and skills, you must collect Neuropolymer, which can be found by defeating enemies and opening chests and boxes.

  • Wild Boar: Found under the Character section, this should be your first purchase considering it will increase your maximum health.
  • Electrization: This Shok upgrade will leave your opponents stunned, allowing you to create some distance if you struggle with a wave of enemies.
  • Cryo Jet: Found under the Frostbite section, Cryo Jet will allow you to freeze enemies in your path. This is perfect for slowing down robots, and while they are frozen, destroy them with your melee weapon, saving bullets.
  • Second Wind: Another upgrade found in the Character section, Second Wind will allow you to dodge an additional time, making you more agile and harder to hit.
  • Polymeric Shield: Just like the name sounds, this skill will provide a shield surrounding you, protecting you from melee and ranged damage.

You will find enough Neuropolymer to buy these upgrades early in the game, and we recommend choosing these options over other upgrades and skills when you finally encounter Nora. Still, it all comes down to preference; eventually, you should be able to afford most of the skill tree by the amount of Neuropolymer that can be discovered on your adventure.

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2023