Who is the Main Character in Atomic Heart? Explained

Are you wondering who the main character is in Atomic Heart?

by Gordon Bicker
Image of main Atomic Hearts Character.
Image: Mundfish

Atomic Heart has a large range of characters and enemies that you will be going up against in the Utopian world offered to you. A blend of BioShock and Far Cry is certainly evident in everything we have seen. Many people may also be wondering who the main character for Atomic Heart actually is and this article will take you through everything you need to know about them.

Atomic Heart Main Character — The Key Details

The main protagonist character is Sergey Alekseyevich Nechaev otherwise known as Agent P-3 by codename or Major Nechaev. Our character is someone who has lost a lot of happiness in life and tends to see the darker side of things due to his turbulent past. This is of no surprise with the number of battles that P-3 has apparently been involved in.

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Interestingly, P-3 has been aided by a doctor who is named Dmitry Sechenov. The doctor has saved Sergey many times and now to get even with the doctor, he is now a Spec-Ops agent in the world. Sergey also has access to ‘Combat Polymer Implants’ and has bones supplemented with a special type of alloy all of which make him even stronger.

All Atomic Heart Confirmed Characters

Excellent character implementation can make or break a game’s overall arching narrative so it is vital they are well-developed. There are plenty of Atomic Heart characters to get acquainted with and listed below is every character that we know about within the game.

  • P-3 — The Main Player Character
  • Dmitry Sergeyevich Sechenov — The Doctor and neurosurgeon who is planning to revolutionize the world via Facility 3826 which has unfortunately been the center of chaos after a malfunction.
  • Granny Zina — Previously a part of the inner circle with Dmitry.
  • Viktor Vasilyevich Petrov — Goes against the Doctors Facility 3826 values and now has been deemed as a threat to the society of the world.
  • Twins: Left and RightTwo bodyguard robots that defend Facility 3826. These robots have also been programmed on the movements of robotic dancers/ballerinas.
  • Michael Stockhausen — A scientist within Facility 3826.
  • Larisa Andreyevna Filatova — A neurosurgeon who has also worked on bringing both humans and machines into the overall Kollektiv 2.0 network which the robots are on.

No matter what character is your favorite, you will still have to prepare to use P-3’s implants in the best ways possible along with melee weapons and whatever else you decide to utilize to dispatch your foes in the most stunning ways.

- This article was updated on February 17th, 2023