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Avengers Beta – How to Unlock Secret Snowy Tundra Mission

One of the beta's best missions is a secret.

by Diego Perez


The Marvel’s Avengers beta is packed with all sorts of different missions, from HARM challenges to Drop Zones, but did you know there’s a secret mission hidden in the beta? One of the missions early in the beta sends Kamala and Hulk to the Snowy Tundra, but you can’t return to explore the area because it disappears from the War Table map after completion. However, there is actually a way to return to the Snowy Tundra in the Avengers beta and take on a secret mission to open a SHIELD vault full of rare gear.

How to Unlock the Secret Mission in the Avengers Beta

The secret Snowy Tundra mission in the Avengers beta is actually unlocked in another mission. Completing an optional objective in the mission Stark Realities will give you coordinates that allow you to visit the Snowy Tundra. Head to the War Table map and select Stark Realities in the Pacific Northwest region. You’re looking for a secret SHIELD cache, but it won’t be marked for you. You’ll have to use the Signal Locator to locate the cache.


The Signal Locator won’t activate until you’re within a certain distance of the SHIELD cache, but you should be able to find it by heading left through the woods immediately after loading into the mission. Eventually, you’ll see an indicator on your screen that says you’re a certain distance away from something. Use that information to zero in on the SHIELD cache location. Once you’ve found it and made your way inside, you’ll find a marked chest. Open it and you’ll unlock the Snowy Tundra mission. You don’t need to finish Stark Realities to keep this item. You can back out whenever you want.

Exploring the Snowy Tundra

Now, the Snowy Tundra region should be unlocked on the War Table map. It’s far away from the default regions you’ve already unlocked, so you might have to scroll a bit to see it.


The region is exactly the same as it was in the mission from earlier in the beta with Kamala and Hulk, but you have a new goal this time. There are various points of interest to explore and loot, but your primary objective is to find the SHIELD vault and obtain the gear inside. You have to use the Signal Locator to find it, which shouldn’t be too difficult considering you just did the same thing in Stark Realities.

Opening the Snowy Tundra Vault

The Snowy Tundra vault is one of the more complex encounters in the Avengers beta, but it’s not too hard once you get the hang of it. Once inside, activate the console in front of the vault door. You’ll get a new objective called “Code Authentication” which gives you a combination of numbers.


These numbers correspond with terminals scattered throughout the room, and you need to activate them in the order you’re told in order to open the vault. You’ll only have 45 seconds to activate a terminal before being locked out, but you can reset the timer by walking in front of the vault door. AIM enemies will swarm you while you search for the terminals, but you can largely ignore them while your companions keep you covered. Occasionally, an AIM hacker will spawn and Jarvis will alert you to their presence. They’ll start to hack a terminal and attempt to reset your progress, so take them out as quickly as possible.

After activating every terminal in a sequence, return to the vault door and defend the area from incoming AIM enemies. After you’ve successfully defended the vault door, it’s time to repeat the terminal process. You need to do this three times in total before the vault door opens.


After the vault door opens, you’re free to loot its contents. There are tons of material boxes for you to smash as well as a few chests containing rare gear. Press the button in the back of the room behind all the loot to end the mission and return to the Quinjet. You’ll lose access to the Snowy Tundra region after exiting the mission though.

How to Return to Snowy Tundra

Thankfully, you aren’t locked out of the Snowy Tundra forever. You can return to the area by repeating the unlock process all over again. Just head back to the Stark Realities mission, find the SHIELD cache with the Signal Locator, and open the marked chest. You’ll get the necessary coordinates again and the Snowy Tundra will show up on the War Table map once more. You can repeat this process as many times as you like during the Avengers beta.

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