10 Best Accessories in One Piece Odyssey

These are the best accessories with the highest increase in stats.

by Christian Bognar

Even though One Piece Odyssey isn’t the most challenging game out there, it is still helpful to keep your eye out for the best accessories available. These accessories can make your battles faster due to higher attack power, GUTS, or even higher health and defense. Along your journey, you will find plenty of accessories by either purchasing them through shops, locating them within treasure chests, or finishing big fights in the open world. Which accessories are worth your time, though? Well, this guide will cover that with the ten best accessories in One Piece Odyssey.

Most Helpful Accessories in One Piece Odyssey

Below you will find the ten best accessories in the game that increase each specific stat the most. In the description section, we will give you the benefit of each accessory and where you can locate each in the open world.

AccessoryDescription + Location
Wild Ones CrownThis accessory is perfect for a party member looking to focus on offense as this grants you a whopping 1400 increase in attack power. Players can find this in a treasure chest in Dressrosa.
Doesia’s NecklaceThis is best for someone you want to keep alive the longest because they are focused on healing others. This accessory increases health by a large amount of 2200. Players can purchase this accessory from the Yoisa Shop for a large sum of 1,000,000 berries.
Yoisa Commerce Bureau’s Exclusive RingEven though defense isn’t as important in this game compared to others, it can be helpful in boss battles. This increases your defense for any character by 750. Available at the Yoisa Shop in the Great Sandy Desert in the mid to late game.
Power of Customer ServiceHaving high GUTS will increase your defense against enemies’ special moves that can do considerable damage. This accessory will increase the GUTS stat by an incredible 142. It is dropped by the rain dinners located in Alabasta.
Sabo’s HatFocused on attack power, this will increase attack by 1154. Not as powerful as Wild One’s Crown, but it can still make a considerable difference. Recommended to use for either Luffy or Sanji, who play offense incredibly well. Players can obtain it during the main story after Burgess drops it in the Dressrosa area.
Yoisa’s Commerce Bureau’s Exclusive CrownAnother great health enhancer is this Yoisa’s accessory. It gives you a whopping increase of 2100 to any characters HP, giving you an advantage in battle. You can purchase this from Yoisa’s shop in the Great Sandy desert at some point in the mid to late game, so check back periodically as you continue the story.
TP Cost Reduction Petite JewelryThis accessory is perfect for those who love using skills as much as possible in battle. Equipping this will lower TP cost consumption by 10%, allowing players to use more skills. They are rewarded to players for purchasing the deluxe edition, which can also be found in the One Piece world, but is considered rare.
Evasion Petite Jewelry Evasion is essential in any RPG. The higher your evasion, the less damage you’ll take in battle. This accessory increases your evasion by 15%, making whoever wears it get hit less often. Available by purchasing the deluxe edition, but can also be found in the world at an undetermined location, considered rare.
Kung Fu Dugong’s TreasureThis accessory is another excellent addition to increase your Guts. Not as high as the Power of Customer Service, but this will increase your GUTS by 125. This is also considerably easy to find, as you will be rewarded with this accessory when you join the Kung Fu Dugong training in the corresponding side quest.
Burgess’s PowerConsidering attack is the most important stat in the game, this is the third one listed. While less powerful than the others, this accessory is a good one to stack with others, maximizing your attack power. Burgess’s Power increases your attack by 1085 and can be acquired after beating Burgess in the Dressrosa area.

There you have it, the ten best accessories currently available in One Piece Odyssey. Keep in mind that some accessories take up more space than others, so you might have to use a strategy to stack them for each accessory to fit. The good news is that if you want the game to stack the accessories for you, that can happen by clicking “Go to Recommended Equipment” in the Equipment Menu.

One Piece Odyssey is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 24th, 2023

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