Best Alchemy Specialization in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

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by Tom Cunliffe
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Professions have received a massive overhaul in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, with much more in-depth mechanics, brand-new user interfaces, and a slew of options to make crafting experiences truly unique. Alchemy, and the market for its consumables, is stronger than ever, with Potions and Phials providing essential buffs for high-end raiding and Mythic+.

Throughout your adventures in the Dragon Isles, you’ll accumulate Knowledge, which can be spent on improving specific parts of your profession. Specializations cover different aspects of Alchemy, and each Specialization contains unique Sub-Specializations. Knowledge cannot be refunded, so it’s vital that you learn the best Specializations and invest your Knowledge wisely.

What is the Best Alchemy Specialization in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight?

Screenshot via Blizzard Entertainment

There are three total Alchemy Specializations in Dragonflight: Potion Mastery, Phial Mastery, and Alchemical Theory. You will start with one Specialization and unlock the remaining two as you improve your Skill. Spending Knowledge in Sub-Specializations will also open further Sub-Specializations along their specific tree. Don’t worry; it isn’t nearly as complicated as it sounds. Plus, Alchemy needs the least amount of Knowledge points to benefit from, especially in comparison to professions like Tailoring.

To make the most gold, you will need to choose a focus between Potion Mastery or Phial mastery. Potions and Phials both sell exceptionally well, and which trades better changes daily, so the choice is yours. If you spend your Knowledge correctly, you’ll be hanging around the Black Market Auction House like it’s your second home.

Once you can unlock a secondary Specialization, you will also want to pair this with Alchemical Theory, which will boost your general skills and allow you to Transmute, which changes reagents from one type to another.

Below, you can find the best builds for both Potion Mastery and Phial Mastery and what each Specialization entails to make the correct choice for your character.

Alchemy: Potion Mastery Builds

As the name suggests, Potion Mastery focuses on the production of Potions. As a master of potions, you will gain unique bonuses from consuming potions. You’ll also play the mad scientist role and experiment with Potions to create new recipes.

Potion Mastery

  • Spend 10 Knowledge in Potion Mastery. This will unlock your first Sub-Specilization.
  • Spend 10 Knowledge in Potion Lore. This boosts your Skill and unlocks a further Sub-Specialization.
  • Spend 20 Knowledge in Batch Production. As you will still be leveling Alchemy, investing in Batch Production will allow you to make more Potions to level up and will still be helpful when down the line.
  • Spend 15 Knowledge in Potion Lore. Maxing out Potion Lore will further increase your Resourcefulness and allow you to craft Illustrious Insight, which can singlehandedly boost the Rank of your Potions.

Alchemical Theory

  • Spend 5 Knowledge in Alchemical Theory. This will unlock Inspiring Ambience.
  • Spend 30 Knowledge in Inspiring Ambience. Each rank will increase various Alchemy stats and provide a significant bonus on Inspiration, which increases the chance that your Potions become higher quality.

From here, you should be well on your way as a Potion Mastery Alchemist in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Depending on your Realm’s supply and demand, you can delve into specific niches, such as Frost- or Air-Formulated Potions.

Alchemy: Phial Mastery Builds

In World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, Flasks have been replaced by Phials, brewed by those specializing in Phial Mastery. Those that choose this path will also benefit from extended Phial duration, which can save raiders a notable amount of gold and resources.

Phial Mastery

  • Spend 10 Knowledge in Phial Mastery. This unlocks your first Sub-Specilization.
  • Spend 10 Knowledge in Phial Lore. This boosts your Skill and Inspiration and unlocks another Sub-Specialization.
  • Spend 10 Knowledge in Batch Production. As you’ll be selling Phials, you’ll want as many as possible. Maxing out Batch Production grants a maximum of 50% extra Phials, which, in turn, means extra gold. Time is money, friend!
  • Spend 15 Knowledge in Phial Lore. As well as increasing your overall Skill, this also unlocks Illustrious Insight.

Alchemical Theory

  • Spend 5 Knowledge in Alchemical Theory. This unlocks another Sub-Specialization.
  • Unlock Decayology, but don’t spend Knowledge. This allows you to learn new recipes by simply unlocking it.
  • Spend 10 Knowledge in Alchemical Theory. This unlocks another useful Sub-Specialization.
  • Spend 30 Knowledge in Inspiring Ambience. Like with Potion Mastery, this increases various Alchemy Stats and provides a great boost to Inspiration.

Once you have this build, you can choose the specific sub-specialization(s) that best fits your server’s economy. Like with Potion Mastery, you can focus on Air- or Frost-Formulated crafts or delve further into experimentation.

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- This article was updated on January 16th, 2023

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