10 Best Barotrauma Mods to use In-Game

From a whole new vessel to the addition of welcoming mechanics and features, check out the best Barotrauma Mods!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: Barotrauma Workshop

Barotrauma players can currently make use of around 1,000 different mods to customize their in-game experience, many of which are able to both add new items as well as completely change the feel of the game. But among them, which are the best? Here are the 10 best Barotrauma mods to use in-game.

The 10 Best Barotrauma Mods to use In-Game

10. BaroTraumatic

Image: Barotrauma Workshop

To start off our list, we have the BaroTraumatic mod, created by Foxtrot39, Noble, Ricky, LeDoux, mikehagen22, and MasonMachineGuns. The mod is made for those looking for a more challenging experience than that of the base game. This BaroTraumat mod adds more frequent encounters, a wider variety of monsters, as well as a complete overhaul of the radio mechanic.

9. Shipwrecks Extended

Image: Barotrauma Workshop

Another mod focused on increasing the difficulty and overall variety offered by the base game, the Shipwrecks Extended mod adds a wide variety of new shipwrecks to the game. To add to the mods’ appeal, Shipwrecks Extended is compatible with a wide array of other shipwreck-focused mods.

8. Beacons Extended

Image: Barotrauma Workshop

Made by many of the users responsible for Shipwrecks Extended, the Beacons Extended mod adds a total of 56 new beacons to the game, thus increasing their variety and the overall difficulty. Just like Shipwrecks Extended, Beacons Extended is compatible with a wide array of other beacon-focused mods.

7. Meaningful Upgrades

Image: Barotrauma Workshop

A mod focused on providing players with a few welcoming quality-of-life upgrades, videogames’ Meaningful Upgrades mod offers a wide list of additions to the game’s upgrading system.

Thanks to the mod, you will be able to upgrade items to further levels as well as unlock new unique and end-game upgrades to your vessel.

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6. Dead Space

Image: Barotrauma Workshop

What about a little Dead Space in your Barotrauma? Well, 蚀, DogKing, and Scorp’s Dead Space mod does just that, by adding both the feel of EA’s acclaimed survival horror franchise and a wide array of its Necromorphs to the game, resulting in one of the most unique Barotrauma mods out there.


Image: Barotrauma Workshop

In fifth place, we have harrixson and rickashell’s ALIEN – XENOMORPH mod, which is sure to bring you way more scares and make your Barotrauma experience one hundred times more dangerous. Ridley Scott’s Xenomorph XX121 is on full display, and this is one of the best Barotrauma mods to install.

After recent updates to the base game hurt the performance of the mod, user aaron.golder released a fix focused on allowing it to work without issues.

4. Barotrauma 40K

Image: Barotrauma Workshop

A mod made for 40K fans, as well as one who rose through our ranks through its attention to detail, Альфарий and Swetch’s Barotrauma 40K brings to players an almost completely new experience.

Apart from the obvious cosmetic changes, the Barotrauma mod also adds new enemy types, new jobs, a few changes to the main campaign, and a wide arsenal of new weapons to the base game.

3. Neurotrauma

Image: Barotrauma Workshop

A mod focused on enhancing the medical system featured in the base game, mannatu’s Neurotrauma brings players a unique experience through the addition of tons of new tools, as well as new symptoms and treatment types.

Just be careful, as the Barotrauma mod will also add a lot of realism to the injuries and their treatments. So although you will have more tools and features, you will need to be way more meticulous if you wish to treat your patients efficiently. To install the mod, you must have Lua For Barotrauma installed.

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2. (Legacy) EK | Armory

Image: Barotrauma Workshop

It was hard to pick a favorite among Videogames’ EK series of mods, but in the end, we decided to go with their most successful, (Legacy) EK | Armory.

Although currently facing problems due to the updates made to the base game, the mod features a really comprehensive list of new weapons and items, all capable of adding to the experience without affecting the general feel and the core experience provided by the title’s main campaign. It’s one of the very best BaroTrauma mods available.

1. [VH] The Iroh

Image: Barotrauma Workshop

A mod that could very well be an in-game expansion given its high level of detail and features, Quint’s The Iroh allows players to upgrade their vessel into the new technological marvel.

Apart from a completely new design when compared to the game’s base submarine, The Iroh features a wide array of new explorable areas, as well as many exclusive weapons — such as the Pulse Lasers and the Chain Guns.

- This article was updated on March 20th, 2023

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