Best Base Locations in Grounded

Find the best spots to rest at in the bug-filled backyard!

by Marc Magrini


Grounded is making its way out of early access, giving millions of players a chance to explore a larger-than-life backyard with massive bugs and mysterious locations. They’ll need to do their best to survive the dangerous environment through methods such as crafting powerful weapons, stocking up on supplies, and — perhaps most importantly — setting themselves up somewhere safe. Base building is vital in this game, both to allow easier access to important locations and to have a safe spot to rest at. Players will want to take note of the best base locations in Grounded if they wish to survive for longer than a day or two.

The Best Locations to Build a Base in Grounded

There are two important things to note about Grounded. Firstly, players should know that the game is very resource-heavy, requiring large amounts of items to craft valuable gear. Secondly, Grounded does not have a randomized map, which means there is inherent value in placing a base at specific locations. There is not one “correct” place to start building a base, but there are places you should consider and places you should avoid. Here are some notable locations in Grounded you should be aware of when building your base:

  • Labs: Labs are found all over the backyard. Building a base outside of each one can give you regular access to helpful resources scattered near them. This is something that should especially be considered for the Lab that acts as BURG.L’s hideaway, as you’ll need to return there regularly anyway to give him new chips.
  • Field Stations: While not as important as Labs, Field Stations will still let you contact BURG.L remotely to access the shop and turn in new quests. Ensuring these stations are well-protected from bugs can be helpful in a pinch.
  • Open areas: By building large bases in open areas, you effectively create new landmarks for yourself. This can be extremely helpful while exploring as it eliminates the need to place map markers or memorize locations just to get your bearings. Large bases like these can also act as vantage points, making it easy to see what might be lying between you and your next objective.

There are other useful locations to place a base in Grounded, but these might be the most important. You should consider making bases where specific resources can be found. If you don’t take this into consideration, you won’t be able to use special utilities such as the Sap Catcher. Despite its importance, you shouldn’t bother making a base near the broken Mysterious Machine. You have a dedicated button to respawn back at the case where you first start your journey, so making a base there is somewhat redundant. Of course, playing with your friends will make base building extremely easy, to the point where you can practically make an entire town within the backyard! Experiment with useful locations for bases and see which ones work best for you.

Grounded is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC.

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