Best Beginning Cloak in Forspoken

You either croak, or equip the best cloak.

by Noah Nelson

Cloaks are one of three pieces of gear in Forspoken. While necklaces and nails focus more on buffing specific aspects of Frey’s abilities, Cloaks focus on health, stamina, defense, and healing. And though you can adjust the difficulty options, the best way to survive in Forspoken is to get a good cloak. Here’s where the best early-game cloaks are in Forspoken.

Best Early-Game Cloaks in Forspoken

There are many cloaks available in Forspoken. Once you get access to the open world, you’ll notice some POIs on the map have cloak icons next to them. Completing these activities is your ticket to getting the best cloaks.

The best beginning cloak you can get in Forspoken is found in Locked Labyrinth: East. To complete this activity, all you need to do is clear two or three rooms full of enemies and then face up against a boss. Once you have completed Locked Labyrinth: East, you’ll get Pelerine, the best early-game cloak.

Pelerine is the best beginning cloak since it is one of the only ones you’ll unlock after your standard cloak and it also boosts your health and stamina quite a bit. Remember to also go to a Refuge to craft more effects onto the cloak to make it even better.

If you want to continue getting the best cloaks in Forspoken as you make forward progress in the story, you’ll want to complete Locked Labyrinths. You’ll know what activities reward cloaks, but most often, it is the Locked Labyrinths.

Another great early cloak you can get is Valorous which greatly buffs Red Magic. Though both Valorous and Pelerine are good cloaks (and they both look awesome in different ways) the further into the story you go, the better stats the cloaks you find will have. That said, but sure to unlock more cloaks just like how you continue to search for Mana because if you do, you’ll always be prepared for the toughest fights.

Forspoken is available now for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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