How to Earn Mana Fast in Forspoken

Mana equals money.

by Noah Nelson

Mana is the core resource in Forspoken that you’ll need to acquire new spells. And considering the funnest part of Forspoken is using your wide range of spells in battle, you’ll want to know how to earn Mana as fast as possible so you can unlock every spell. Here’s how to get Mana quickly in Forspoken.

How to Farm Mana in Forspoken

There are many ways to get Mana in Forspoken. You can either get enough XP to level up which will award around 12 to 14 Mana or you can directly collect Mana itself. As you may have learned from the demo, you’ll be getting into scraps anywhere you go which means you’ll earn XP to get Mana fairly often. But that isn’t the fastest way to get Mana in the game.

The quickest way to get Mana in Forspoken is to collect it in the open world. As you parkour around Athia, you’ll notice glowing pillars of light. If you collect one of those, you’ll directly get one Mana. And where there is one glowing Mana pillar, there are usually several lying around since they are found in straight lines or clustered groups.

Though one Mana isn’t a lot, collecting one usually leads to collecting five or six. Plus, you’ll be parkouring around Athia a lot when trying to get to your destination which means you’ll constantly run into groups of Mana to collect. Like the gold miner who gets rich off of collecting the gold flakes instead of the miner who looks for nuggets and ends up with nothing, collecting the singular Mana pillars is the most consistent and quickest way to collect Mana in Forspoken.

The second quickest way to get Mana in Forspoken is through specific side activities. If you do still want to hunt for gold nuggets, visit the Mana-specific activities. The icons on the map tell you what the activity will reward you with. Go to the ones that award Mana, complete the activity, and you’ll walk away with a respectable amount of Mana.

Hopefully, this guide helps you get Mana as quickly as possible in Forspoken. Whether you are playing on PC or PlayStation 5, make sure to enjoy Athia a bit more than normal to make up for the Xbox players.

Forspoken will release on PlayStation 5 and PC on January 24, 2023

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