Is There a Forspoken Demo On PC?

Are you wondering if a Forspoken demo exists on the PC?

by Gordon Bicker

Forspoken has been getting a lot of fan attention and many have been diving into the demo and even discovering all of the accessibility options on offer, but some are wondering if there is a PC demo. This is no surprise because there has been a lot of discussion surrounding the PlayStation version of the demo but very little talk about anything for a PC demo. This article will take you through everything you need to know about if there is a Forspoken demo for PC.

Does PC Have a Forspoken Demo?

Unfortunately, PC does not have any Forspoken demo so this means that you will have to wait until you have your hands on the game itself before you can experience everything about it. It is quite common for there not to be any demo for games nowadays but it is quite surprising that PC got no demo when PlayStation did.

Forspoken isn’t a PlayStation exclusive so it would’ve been thought there might’ve been some potential for a demo version on PC too but this was not what happened. This means that for the time being PC players won’t have an official way to experience the game on PC.

Is There a Way I Can Play the PlayStation Forspoken Demo on PC?

There actually is a way that you can technically play the Forspoken Demo on a PC, however, it isn’t really a replacement. However, the PS Remote Play app on PC will let you stream what you’re playing from your console to the screen of your PC/Laptop so if you hook it up you would be able to view the Demo playing on your PC.

In order to download the PS Remote Play app you can head to the official PlayStation website for selecting the version of the app you’d like to utilize. All in all, it means that you won’t have to wait for a fancy Forspoken steelbook on PlayStation to arrive before you can experience the game on PC.

Forspoken will be released on January 24 for both PlayStation 5 and PC.

- This article was updated on January 13th, 2023

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