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by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: Gameloft, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy.

Disney Speedstorm is currently available in early access, allowing players all over the world the chance to take on the tracks as some of their favorites Disney & Pixar characters, from everyone’s favorite Mikey Mouse to Figment. But who are the best racers in the game? Now, here are the 10 best characters in Disney Speedstorm, ranked.

The 10 Best Characters in Disney Speedstorm

10. Meg

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

A trickster whose kit revolves around getting rid of opponents as you keep your position and reaches the finishing line, Meg boasts a good balance of high Acceleration, Handling, and Boost. Her biggest strength, however, lies in the use of her Unique skill, Grecian Burn.

The skill will allow Meg to either get a boost of speed, whose duration will increase based on each opponent passed, or become intangible for a set period of time while also gaining boost charges.

9. Li Shang

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Shang is a racer capable of excelling through his balanced stats. He is also capable of getting opponents out of his way by making use of Bomb, Fire, and Rush, as well as keeping himself shielded through Shield.

His Unique skill, Military Might, allows you to both shield yourself and stun nearby opponents, making it a double threat to all currently gunning for your spot or close to your position.

8. Mowgli

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

A speedster with a Brawler-like Skill selection, Mowgli’s high acceleration, handling, and boost values allow him to easily pass opponents, while his skill selection makes him a treat both close and at range.

His Unique-Skill is also a great tool, especially when trying to get past multiple opponents or clear the path ahead.

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7. Belle

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

A Speedster who has her high handling and acceleration as her biggest strengths, Belle is both an extremely beginner-friendly driver as well as one capable of excelling through her offensive and utility-focused kit.

Her Unique Skill, Enchanted Mirror, is also a highlight as it allows you to both keep other drivers at bay through projectile throwing and catch up to them fast when needed.

6. Mickey Mouse

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The game’s starter racer as well as a solid pick no matter the track, Mickey has his top-notch acceleration and handling as his biggest strengths, as both allow you to stay in control even in the trickiest tracks.

He also has a great ace in his Trailblazer unique skill, which allows him to become invulnerable and get a great speed boost.

5. Elizabeth Swann

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

A Defender whose kit seems to be made for a Trickster or Speedster, Elizabeth has her above-average acceleration, handling, and boost as her biggest strengths, although the stats can be considered as collateral for her lack of defensive skills.

With her Unique Skill, Elizabeth is also able to either rush forward at high speeds — while also stunning opponents — or dash while leaving a trail, which will block all drivers in its path.

4. Captain Jack Sparrow

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Captain of the Black Pearl shines thanks to his ability to practically sail by making use of his high Top Speed and above-average Acceleration. Overall, Jack is a driver who specializes in taking the top spot during the straight portions of any race by relying on his speed and single-target skills.

His Unique Skill also mitigates his need for AoE skills, as it will allow him to stun any opponent in its area of effect.

3. Mike Wazowski

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Mike is a racer whose Unique Skill is his biggest weapon, as it will allow him to be transported further ahead, while also throwing your opponents backward under set conditions.

His high Handling and Acceleration, both characteristic of the Speedster class, also allow him to make short work of any opponent when on the trickest portions of a race.

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2. Mulan

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The most badass Disney Princess and also the game’s best Trickster, Mulan is a racer capable of outclassing all opponents through her high Boost and Acceleration. She is also able to make use of Fire, Shiled, Hack, and Boost, the latter of which makes up for her lack of Top Speed.

The star of her kit, however, is her Firework Barrage unique skill, which is tailor-made to blast opponents out of your way or of your tail.

1. Donald Duck

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

One of the first racers many players will unlock, Donald Duck is the staple of the Brawler class as well as the best character in the game.

Overall, Donald is a racer who has the ability to constantly stun opponents and shield himself thanks to his Why I Oughta… unique skill. He also has one of the best offensive-oriented common skill selections in his class, which pushes you to play aggressively as you stun and blow opponents out of your way.

- This article was updated on April 19th, 2023

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