10 Best Disney Dreamlight Valley Mods

Are you on the lookout for some Disney Dreamlight Valley mods?

by Gordon Bicker
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Disney Dreamlight Valley players will tend to be on the lookout for mods when they’re on the hunt for extra things to do. This is why knowing what mods are the best to get will be of benefit to you on your playthrough. This article will take you through the best Disney Dreamlight Valley mods for you to then add to the game. These mods are listed in no particular order.

Best Disney Dreamlight Valley Mods of All Time

10. Infinite Mana

This mod does as it says on the tin and will let you have infinite Mana. This of course will give you a boost in productivity within the world. Since you will no longer be constrained by energy limits, you can complete whatever tasks you need to do free from thinking about stamina. The installation process doesn’t take too long to complete so you will be ready to go with infinite mana in no time.

9. WeMod Trainer

Many games tend to have a WeMod trainer which has a lot of cheats/mods all in one place. It will be no surprise that Disney Dreamlight Valley also has a similar trainer. This particular version will let you set your game speed, move speed, multiply your EXP gain, and more. As with any WeMod download we recommend having an antivirus to protect your system. They are well-known but it is better to be safe.

8. Custom Textures

Have you got a creative spark? Then the Custom Textures mod may be the one for you. This will let you swap out any of the textures in the game for your own PNG files. Yes, that means you can turn the game’s characters and more into whatever sort of style you’d like. This mod takes a bit more of technical know-how to utilize but just follow the official steps posted by the modder carefully — you will get there.

7. Sprint Mod

If you’ve been looking to run around the Valley faster than usual then this sprint mod will have you covered. It will let you increase how fast you run with your character so this means that if you want to run around like Sonic at five times the speed, you can now do so. Who says Disney characters can’t run as fast as Sonic?

6. Currency Multiplier

Collecting a lot of Star Coins can take time so having a mod that multiplies your currency gains when you get any is a massive help. You can have the multiplier value set to whatever you want so if you just want a little boost you can do that. This is going to be an essential mod for many players to have on their list so be sure to grab it while you can if you’re interested.

5. Fast Fisher

For those who are trying to gather as many fish as they possibly can the Fast Fisher mod is brilliant. This will let you catch a fish instantly whenever you interact with the water when your line touches the water. There is a known glitch for this one though which states that if you have a companion with you then your character won’t gain experience points. Be sure to not bring a companion with you when fishing.

4. Pickup Multiplier

Similar to the Currency Multiplier this Pickup mod will let you input a value of multiplier that you want for getting extra resources from items you pick up. If you are wanting to rush through recipes as quickly as possible then the Pickup Multiplier mod is going to be worthwhile to have. Especially since you will get items and resources much faster.

3. Scrooge Shop Extra Refresh

A simple quality-of-life mod that will allow you to control when Scrooge’s shop refreshes with new stock at any time. This is one of the mods that you can have sitting in the background and use whenever you may need to.

2. Gameplay Extensions

This is a great mod to have but is more experimental than some of the others. There are a few known issues with it and the modder has mentioned keeping backups of any saves before using this. Nonetheless, it will let you control a few aspects of the game. One of the most beneficial is the ability to keep unlocked characters awake.

1. No Village Object Limit

For any of the decorators and builders out there, the No Village Object limit mod is a must-have. This will let you place as many items as you possibly could want. It removes all original limits of building for you so your Valley can be transformed as you see fit.

Now that you know about all of the best Disney Dreamlight Valley mods you can happily go and pick some of them up. While you are on the search for resources such as V-EGG-etable Seeds you can now do so with some multipliers in your back pocket. Time to get busy in the Dreamlight Valley today.

- This article was updated on April 6th, 2023

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