Best ESO Public Dungeons to Farm for Gold and Items

Use these spots for your next farming locations

by Christian Bognar


Gold is a valuable resource in many games, but Elder Scrolls Online emphasizes its importance. Increasing the amount of gold you have can help you repair your gear, expand your inventory, buy new equipment, contribute to a guild, and, most importantly, upgrade your weapons and armor at the new armory system. Skyshard is also a valuable commodity in the game, granting you ability points as you collect more across the map. In this guide, we will go over our top spots for the best grinding spots to maximize your gold collection and acquire Skyshards along the way.

Best Public Dungeons for Farming in ESO

Below are the top four spots for the highest amount of gold output in all public dungeons.

Rkindaleft – Wrothgar

This area is excellent for gold but also presents some valuable items. Skipping the first tunnel section will lead you to an open space filled with enemies that provide tons of gold. Orcs are who you should mainly be focused on as they drop the most gold, but spiders are good as well, as they will drop gear that you can use for yourself or even sell for gold. A Skyshard can be found here, and some quests will reward you with Crystal Fragments. Repeatedly beating this dungeon will earn you a high amount of gold, and it’s great since the process doesn’t take too long.

The Lions Den – The Rift

The Lions Den in The Rift has many enemies to farm through, making your trip worthwhile. You have to follow the initial path down and start clumping all the mobs together to take them out for a big payday. Progressing through this public dungeon will present you with many mobs to fight, making this the perfect grinding spot. Also, Dwarven Ore can be found here, which is a handy crafting material along with one Skyshard, helping you get closer to a skill point.

Obsidian Scar – Rivenspire

This dungeon has a specific location that is perfect for your grinding needs. Located in the middle of the dungeon map, you will come in contact with the most enemies making this the ideal place to start. Progressing through this dungeon takes no time at all, considering the size, and it will grant you tons of gold along with a Skyshard you can put towards ability points. There is also an On Oblivion book if you’re into that sort of thing.

Crimson Cove – Malabar Tor

This is one of the more extensive dungeons of the bunch, but the journey will be well worth it. The amount of mobs you can farm through is high, and the respawn time is quick, allowing you to do this continuously. There is also an increased chance for Spinners Garments to be dropped, selling for a hefty price on Guild Traders. You will also acquire one Skyshard, which is always helpful.

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The Elder Scrolls Online is available now and playable at this moment on the following platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Mac, and PC.

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