Best Fortnite Colorblind Settings

A great accessibility option for Fortnite players.

by Christian Bognar
Image: Epic Games

It takes a lot of skill to succeed in Fortnite. Players need to be quick at aiming, have a good shot, and know where to drop to get the best weapons on the map fast. It is also essential to quickly recognize other players’ far-off in the distance, so you can kill them before they take you out. Specific settings can help make the graphics cleaner and make other players easier to spot — this is done through colorblind settings. Here are the best colorblind settings in Fortnite.

The Top Colorblind Setting in Fortnite

While the colorblind settings were built for those with the actual condition of color blindness, it’s turning out to be a great way to get an advantage over the competition. The best color blind setting is turning Color Blind Mode to Protanope and turning the strength to the 5 to 8 range. Adjusting the colorblind mode to this number and mode creates the most precise picture on the screen, making spotting other players easier against the environments.

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These settings help pick out the player’s against dark shadows and far off in the distance against the mountain and building structures. Additionally, players will discover that these settings make it easier to spot rarer weapons in the distance — providing a considerable advantage when finding a place to drop or where to explore first. You can adjust these settings by navigating the accessibility menu and scrolling down to Colorblind mode. You can switch it on or off and select the proper Protanope mode.

So whether you are color blind or want an advantage over the competition, these are your settings. If the color contrast is too powerful, adjust the strength slightly until you find a comfortable amount for your eyes. Once you find the right strength — you will find that Fortnite becomes a lot easier, and you will feel like a professional in no time.

- This article was updated on May 9th, 2023

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