Best G-Pillar Skills in Bayonetta 3

Find out how to make Bayonetta 3's biggest gun deal some equally big damage!

by Marc Magrini

Players will be faced with more than a few difficult decisions in Bayonetta 3. Among these decisions, they’ll need to not only figure out what weapons to pick but also what skills to unlock for them. One such weapon, the G-Pillar, is the second weapon players will find after making full use of the Colour My World handguns. Figuring out the best skills for the G-Pillar might be harder than it seems, as players need to consider both the weapon and its paired demon, Gomorrah.

What are the Best Skills for G-Pillar in Bayonetta 3?

The G-Pillar is a slow weapon. Though it’s able to launch some powerful attacks, its lack of speed can leave you open for quite a while. You’ll need to unlock earlier skills to take full advantage of speedier abilities, but these will be worth it in the long run. Here are the best skills to unlock first for the G-Pillar:

  • Rending Surge: Launches you forward to perform a powerful slash. Effective at closing gaps and doubles as a strong tool to launch weaker foes with.
  • Ashen Claw: Creates a massive flaming claw to strike in a radius around Bayonetta. Quick and powerful, perfect for getting groups of enemies off of you.
  • Rupture Slash: Allows you to crash down on an enemy with a devastating slice attack. Can be charged for more power. You’ll need to unlock Diffusion Laser on Gomorrah’s skill tree before being able to unlock this skill.

You’ll also want to upgrade some of Gomorrah’s skills, especially since he’s one of the first Infernal Demons you’ll utilize in combat. Here are the best skills to focus on for Gomorrah:

  • Brazen Scale and Brazen Scale II: Allows Gomorrah to resist flinching from enemy attacks. Gomorrah is a big target, so being able to resist attacks is very helpful.
  • Super Demonium Ray: Unleashes a powerful laser in front of Gomorrah. Works best in tandem with Brazen Scale due to its charge time.
  • Diffusion Laser: Fires lasers into the air from Gomorrah’s back. Acts as the best way to attack enemies behind him due to his massive size and low speed.

Astute observers might realize that you’ll end up needing to fill out Gomorrah’s skill tree to unlock his best moves. Both him and the G-Pillar require a lot of commitment to use effectively, but that commitment will still pay off if you want to keep this weapon in your loadout. With enough orbs to fill out every skill, you can turn the G-Pillar into one of the strongest weapons in the whole game!

Bayonetta 3 is a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

- This article was updated on October 30th, 2022

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