Best Hi-Fi Rush Twitch Streamers to Watch: Where to Watch Hi-Fi Rush

Where's the concert at?

by Noah Nelson

Hi-Fi Rush is a game that wasn’t announced and was surprise dropped in the middle of the week by Tango Gameworks, the makers of Ghostwire Tokyo and The Evil Within. If you’re interested to check this early GOTY contender out but don’t want to download it yet, you can watch other people play it first. Here is how to watch people play Hi-Fi Rush and which streamers are the best to watch.

Where to Watch Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush is a new video game from Tango Gameworks that you can play right now on Game Pass, but if you want to watch it, the best place to do so is on Twitch. If you are familiar with gaming, you know that Twitch is the place to watch other gamers play games. If you want to watch someone play Hi-Fi Rush before you jump into it yourself, Twitch is the place to do it.

Best Twitch Hi-Fi Rush Streamers

If you navigate to Twitch, you can search Hi-Fi Rush and pull up every streamer that is playing it. You can then select a streamer you want to watch, but you may want to find an especially great streamer to watch play it. Traditionally, you’ll want to select the streamer who has the most live viewers since that will likely indicate who’s the most engaging.

Though you won’t be able to hear the licensed music because it will hopefully be on streamer mode, the best streamers to watch play Hi-Fi on Twitch are currently GRONKH, Cellbit, knekro, and PirateSoftware. Those are the streamers with the highest viewers on Hi-Fi Rush so far.

However, as mentioned previously, you can hop onto Twitch and start watching anyone play through Hi-Fi Rush regardless of if you have an account or not. After you’ve seen the gameplay and read our first impressions piece, you can decide if you want to download the game and experience this zany action rhythm experience for yourself.

Hi-Fi Rush is available now on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

- This article was updated on January 27th, 2023