Best Items to Trade for Platinum in Warframe: Get Platinum Fast

Getting Platinum quickly with excellent trades!

by Gordon Bicker


Warframe has many under-the-hood systems that you will learn more about as you progress through the game completing missions and collecting Warframes. One such system that you will likely start to utilize a lot is the trading system and you will be heading to places such as Maroo’s Bazaar to trade with other players in no time. If you are looking for an effective way of getting Platinum for free then trading certainly is the best way to do just that. This guide article will take you over how to get platinum fast in Warframe with some of the best trades that you can make at the moment.

Best Trades in Warframe for Fast Platinum

In order to gain a lot of platinum quickly with the trading system, you will need to understand the market and fully know what is the best items on the table at any given minute. Think of it like a stock exchange and trading stocks, you need to know what is in the highest demand and what the risks are of trades at a certain time. Although, some items are in high demand and thus will generate more platinum from trading them with other players. Know the general market platinum price and you can either undercut that price for more interest or go a little higher and earn more if you prefer it that way.

In terms of the best trades at the moment in Warframe, here is a table with both the items and a suggested Platinum trading price from myself:

Trade Item Information Suggested Platinum Trading Price Higher Platinum Trading Price
Primed Chamber Mod Although the Primed Chamber Mod wouldn’t seem like it would be worth too much. It actually is extremely valuable to many players and so there are a lot of high platinum selling prices for this mod. It will give +100% damage on the first shot of a (Sniper) weapon. 375 Platinum 480 Platinum
Arcane Energize (Rank 5) If you have this upgraded to rank 5 then you will be swimming in Platinum in no time if you have a successful trading price. The base Arcane Energize usually can go for around 75 platinum. However, if you have a fully ranked Energize then throw that price up to the thousands range. 1350 Platinum 2000 Platinum
Full Loki Prime Set Everyone likes getting a good deal on a Prime set to craft the Warframe that they are wanting and Loki Prime constantly is in demand by a lot of players. 220 Platinum 310 Platinum
Ayatan PIV Sculpture (Fully Slotted and also other fully Slotted Sculptures) Sculptures can be your best friend for getting platinum quickly. When you go on relic hunts for them you will likely be able to get one and then you can slot these sculptures. Simply slot them fully and you can sell them for a good bit of platinum. If you sell a lot of these it can be a nice side business for getting platinum quickly. 5 Platinum 10 Platinum
Wolf Sledge Set An extremely in-demand set that will allow you to gain a lot of platinum if you have the set ready to trade. It is a melee weapon that certainly has a lot of lore and backstory attached to it. 245 Platinum 350 Platinum
Exodia Contagion (Rank 3) A base version of this can still net around 45 Platinum but if you have it fully ranked then you will be getting higher returns of Platinum for your efforts with it. This is an extremely valuable Arcane Enhancement that is excellent to have as it will improve your air melee for Zaws including unleashing an exploding projectile toward your enemies among other bonuses. 480 Platinum 550 Platinum
Narrow Minded Mod If you have a lot of these mods sitting around then you are missing out on getting a lot of platinum for selling them. The mod itself will increase ability duration by 99% but decrease the ability range by 66% at the same time. Nonetheless, it is still a brilliant mod to have for when you need it. 15 Platinum 100 Platinum (For Max Rank Mod)
Primed Pressure Point Mod (Max Rank) This mod will increase melee damage by 165% which is a massive multiplier so the demand for this mod is always there. If you have it at max rank then you will get even more platinum for the mod. 180 Platinum 250 Platinum

As can be observed there is a lot of items that you can happily trade for significant amounts of platinum and also keep selling to make those high amounts of platinum. Time to get busy in Warframe once again and start trading!

Warframe is available now and playable for the platforms of PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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