Best Lost Ark Ability Stone Calculator

The best calculator for Ability Stones

by Christian Bognar

An ability stone calculator in Lost Ark aims to provide players a way to optimize their chances of successfully faceting ability stones. Figuring this information out on your own, on paper, is a difficult task, and that is why players should resort to using calculators found on the internet. While many online websites provide calculators, some are more straightforward and deliver results that can make a huge difference. This article will cover our pick for the best Ability Stone Calculator and give you a quick rundown on how to use it properly.

What is the Best Lost Ark Ability Stone Calculator?

Our recommendation for the best Ability Stone Calculator is on the Lost Ark meta-game website. While the website walks you through how to use it, we will explain to make you feel more confident.

This calculator allows you to select a specific row that you want to have the most successful facet. For example, you can maximize row 1 as a priority, or maximize row 2 as a priority, or you can maximize both of them equally. Next, you choose the number of nodes your gem has at the calculator’s top left corner. Lastly, in-game, you will facet the row indicated by the star symbol and click whether the result was a success or failure, in which a check is for the former while an X mark is for the latter.

The website explains how the calculator works at the bottom of the page, going into detail about how it calculates every possible decision to help with your next move to meet your desired target. The website also goes on to explain how they have different modes, such as probability mode, that help with showing the highest probability of hitting your target, even though it does take some risks to get it and is a less consistent calculator.

While using the calculator, check out our tier list and ensure you are up to date on the best classes in Lost Ark. Knowing this could make your Ability Stone facet results even more beneficial.

Lost Ark is available now on PC.

- This article was updated on January 17th, 2023

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