Best Madden 23 Players for Every Position: Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Running Backs, and More

Increase your Super Bowl odds with these top players.

by Christian Bognar


Madden 23 has been out for a couple of months, continuously being updated, making the players reevaluate their rosters. If you are one of those competitive players looking to have the best team on the field, you most likely want to ensure you have the highest overall rating for each position. Look no further, as we will provide you with our top picks for each position to give you the best shot at having a winning record.

The Best Overall Players in Madden 23

As all Madden fans know, each position is crucial and has its essential job that needs to be done correctly to make the most out of every play. Picking your favorite player is fine and good, but sometimes they don’t compare to the true elite that will make your team effortlessly dominate the field. Below are our top picks for each position on both offense and defense, with the current highest overall number in the current update that you should pick up first. Then, continue reading to find additional players to fill slots for positions requiring two or more on the field.


  • Quarterback – Patrick Mahomes (97)
  • Wide Receiver – Davante Adams (99)
  • Half Back – Nick Chubb (98)
  • Full Back – Kyle Juszczyk (87)
  • Center – Corey Linsley (91)
  • Tight End – Travis Kelce (98)
  • Left Guard – Quenten Nelson (95)
  • Right Guard – Zack Martin (98)
  • Left Tackle – Trent Williams (99)
  • Right Tackle – Lane Johnson (92)


  • Left Outside Linebacker – T.J. Watt (97)
  • Right Outside Linebacker – Khalil Mack (92)
  • Middle Linebacker – Fred Warner (94)
  • Cornerback – Jalen Ramsey (97)
  • Free Safety – Tyrann Mathiew (94)
  • Strong Safety – Derwin James JR (94)
  • Defensive Tackle – Vita Vea (93)
  • Left End – Cameron Jordan (90)
  • Right End – Aaron Donald (99)

Special Teams

  • Kicker – Justin Tucker (91)
  • Punter – A.J. Cole (84)

Additional Players For Offense and Defense

  • Wide Receiver – Cooper Kupp (98)
  • Wide Receiver – Tyreek Hill (97)
  • Wide Receiver – Stefon Diggs (96)
  • Cornerback – Darius Slay JR (94)
  • Defensive Tackle – Chris Jones (91)

There you have it, the highest overall for every position and additional players to fill in the gaps, so you have enough men on the field. Obviously, you don’t have to go this route and can still succeed, especially if your Madden skills are at a high level. But, to give yourself the best shot to have a winning record, give the above players a go and watch how easily the wins come your way. With the updates that EA throws at us, these stats could change and if they do, check back here as we will update it accordingly.

Madden NFL 23 is available now on PlayStation5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on October 7th, 2022

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