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by Christian Bognar


Minecraft has a bunch of exciting creations that add to the originality of that game as a whole. Prison servers are undoubtedly one of them, and the system created for this game mode is addicting and rewarding for all players. Whether you are a Minecraft beginner or an expert, there is so much fun to be had here, and you will not want to leave. Some throw you into an actual prison, while some give you a more beautiful environment to look at but still have the traits of what made Prison servers popular, to begin with. In no particular order, we decided to narrow down our top five favorite prison servers worthy of your time for their fantastic gameplay.

Best Minecraft Prison Servers


Mineville’s take on the prison server is unique compared to other servers on the list. The whole setting takes place in an Asgard theme environment, with everything having the OP-style layout, all based on Nordic traditions. Players have to work their way through a hierarchy inspired by the folklore of Asgard, so like Thor, for example.

Like most prison servers, you rank up mainly by mining enough, but Mineville allows you to take ranking above and beyond, allowing players to reach a god level which you are then rebirthed and rewarded with new gear and perks. Additionally, since this is an OP prison server, you constantly feel how powerful you are since you blast through blocks at a swift pace and with ease.

Allium Prison

Allium nails the classic prison experience. Within it, you have a more original prison system where you are in charge of making your tools while mining at the usual Minecraft speed. That said, this server offers many unique features you won’t usually see in other servers available to players.

There are player-run store stalls where users can barter for better deals, PVP areas with correctional officers, hidden alleys and tunnels where players can trade contraband, and even parkour sections for casual fun. Like other Prison servers, the player’s primary goal is to rank up. But what makes Allium so unique is that instead of the usual mining, you can rank up by making deals with other inmates or even joining a gang.

Lemon Cloud

Less of a focus on the prison environment and more on specializing in the system of a prison server, Lemon Cloud thrives with a great community that everyone should try to be a part of. Players will have the opportunity to find a great group of people who like to hang out and chat while they mine, making this a warm and welcoming server for all ages.

Similar to Mineville, there are no prison list elements regarding the environment, but the system has the same qualities regarding ranking up and gathering money as a necessity. Lemon cloud is the perfect place to start for players who want to join a community that will welcome you from the gecko and loves to have fun with one another while still having the prison server system at heart.

MC Prison

This server is widely popular among the Minecraft community for a good reason. Boasting a ton of variety, MC Prison has four separate worlds to play in, each with its unique traits and personality. Some of these include original boss battles, quests, and even their dedicated YouTubers that you have a chance to come across.

MC Prison is the most feature-heavy server on this list and one that continues to be updated regularly. It has gangs, personal real estate, and log-in rewards; you name it, the server most likely has it included. Do keep in mind, though, that what they excel in features-wise has them lacking in the community base positivity, so be aware that you might run into some pessimistic people.

MC Wild Prison

Consistently providing an online base of close to 300 players at all times, you will constantly find time to have fun here. Players will find the chance to have their own private mine on the server for a fair price, providing players with an intimate and personal approach.

Outside of a remote mine, this MC Wild Prison offers some OP fields that can grant you a ton of wealth at an insanely quick pace that will make you rich in no time. Applying that wealth to enchantments in-game can enhance the experience, making you feel like a king, especially with the best Bow Enchantments available. If you are looking for a server that allows you to become overpowered in a matter of minutes and has an arcade-like feel, then MC Wild Prison is the perfect one for you.

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Minecraft is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2022

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