5 Best Minecraft Roof Designs

No shelter is complete without a roof over your head.

by Noah Nelson


If you look at the architecture in the world around you, you’ll see many different types of roof designs. Since Minecraft is an open-world sandbox, you can create every single roof design the real world has to offer and more. If you’re looking for the best roof designs in Minecraft, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Roof Designs in Minecraft

Though roof designs can be made with cool, unique materials or be made in incredibly complex designs like that of feudal Japan-inspired roofs, this best roof designs in Minecraft list will stick to the basics.

The Butterfly Roof

This roof type is very common in modern American houses. It looks very clean and interesting. This roof design is shaped like a check mark. To build it, simply, use standard blocks of whatever material you want, and place one block in the center. Place four blocks going left that are 1/2 way up the center block. Place eight blocks going right that are 1/2 way up the center block.

The Saltbox Roof

This roof design in Minecraft is the exact reverse of the Butterfly Roof. This one is a bit more complex, but it looks great. To build it, place your central block. Then, place blocks 1/2 a space down from the central block going right six spaces. On the left side, place stairs from the bottom where you want the roof to end up to the central block, making sure 1/2 a space of the central block still pokes out. Then place stairs underneath the stairs you just built to finish the design.

The Clerestory Roof

The Clerestory Roof is perfect for two-story buildings. It adds natural light to the loft and looks fantastic. Place one slab where you want the lower roof to end. Six slab places above the first slab, place a slab and build seven more slabs going down and to the right. At the starting slab, build five slabs going down and to the left.

The Flat Roof

Though this one is the simplest on the list, sometimes simple is better. The Flat Roof design in Minecraft looks very modern and leaves room for you to decorate in other ways like building a beautiful fence. To build this roof design, simply place slabs flat across your structure with one or two jutting out from where it connects with the wall.

The Low-Pitched Gable Roof

This roof design is perfect if you have a medium-sized house and want it to look cute and mid-modern. Picture an upside-down V, but less steep on both sides. To build it, place your central block and then place blocks 1/2 a space down going left and right until one block hangs off from where it connects with the wall.

And those are some of the coolest roof designs in Minecraft. If you’re looking for more great Minecraft content, visit our Minecraft page for more.

Minecraft is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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