10 Best Muck Seeds for Survival and Loot

Enter these seeds and get a headstart in your journey for survival.

by Christian Bognar
Muck Seeds
Image: Dani

Do you want a headstart in Muck to help you gain loot and survive longer? Well, you can do this through the use of Seeds. Below we have compiled a list of the ten best seeds in Muck to help you with your journey. This article will also explain how you can enter these seeds in-game to reap their benefits—so stay tuned.

Best Survival and Loot Seeds in Muck

Below you will find ten seeds to help with survival and gathering resources. Some of these seeds will even provide items that will allow you to mine resources at the start that are meant for higher levels.

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  1. sussy – Will provide a hut that grants the player useful items and chests nearby. The hut will provide a steel pickaxe, boots, food, and some coins. While the chests nearby will provide stat buffs and powerups
  2. Rain – This seed will allow players to start finding food immediately. The access to food will make surviving tremendously easier and give players a good headstart.
  3. slythergames – This seed will unlock a cave next to the spawn point. Inside this cave, players will find a gold pickaxe which unlocks the ability to mine for higher leveled resources.
  4. BigChunk – Using this seed will provide players with plenty of helpful resources. These valuable resources include rock, iron, trees, and even adamantine—a form of a diamond.
  5. 896066 – This seed will spawn players near a cave that provides resources that will be useful. Inside the cave are rubies, adamantine, obamium, mithril, and gold.
  6. Dev – Inputting this seed will provide players with a Night Sword at the beginning of their journey. The Night Sword is a great way to increase survival chances. The Night Sword is one of the rarest weapons in the game that is crafted from Black Shard.
  7. -184745390 – Spawn near the Chef’s Spear—another helpful item to increase chances of survival. The Chef’s Spear is a long ranged melee weapon.
  8. Daniisking – Players can start their journey near a hut with some helpful early-game tools by entering this seed.
  9. R O C C – Will spawn a spear in a nearby village. The village will also contain some helpful resources that provide a valuable headstart that otherwise would be hard to find.
  10. 3284124 – Spawn near a cave filled with rubies and gold. Just beware that players must destroy two stone golems to reach it—a small task for a hefty reward. Gold can be used to craft coins and forms of armor.

How to Enter a Seed in Muck

To enter a seed in Muck, head to Steam. You must host a server for the game. Next, host a lobby and on the right-hand side, you will see a textbox labeled “Seed.” Lastly, enter the seed you want in your game, and that is all it takes. Doing this will activate and enable the seed the next time you start your game.

- This article was updated on March 12th, 2023