Top 10 Minecraft 1.19.3 Seeds for December 2022

Explore incredible worlds in Minecraft with these ten unique seeds!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you looking for the top Minecraft 1.19.3 Seeds for December 2022? A seed is a set of numbers that the game uses when generating worlds. You can find and share seeds with other players, which opens up the type of content you can see. You can use a seed to spawn into an extraordinary world during the world creation process. Minecraft players worldwide are finding some pretty unique seeds. We have searched for the top 5 best seeds for you to explore in December. Here are all the Top 5 Minecraft 1.19.3 Seeds for December 2022.

Top 10 Minecraft 1.19.3 Seeds for December 2022

We have found the ten most great Minecraft seeds for you to explore in December. Have fun!

Jungle and Desert Mashup


This seed is perfect if you like to explore the jungle or live in a desert oasis. There is a village and plenty for you to explore.

  • Seed: -8861505224303751691
  • Platform: Bedrock

Mushroom Island With Nearby Mushroom Fields


This seed is perfect if you are getting ultra-hyped for The Mario Bros. Movie. Then, you can live in a literal Mushroom Kingdom!

  • Seed: -2300521982521104336
  • Platform: Java

Quaint Village


This neat little village looks like a perfect vacation spot to escape the world and relax. You have multiple biomes to explore when you are feeling adventurous. There is also a Pillager Outpost in the center of the village.

  • Seed: 5770955739038279671
  • Platform: Bedrock

Australia in the Northern Hemisphere


This seed is what Australia would look like if it were located in the Northern Hemisphere. It has caves underwater, magma blocks, lots of wood resources (jungle, oak, and dark oak), ocean ruins, and even linked treehouses together with bridges.

  • Seed: 7461889286988978354
  • Platform: Java and Bedrock



You will spawn inside a cage with the iron golem. This is a lot of fun for roleplaying as you can escape the cage and make your way to villages. Will you take revenge or find another excellent place to build your new life?

  • Seed: 8348803200390332933
  • Platform: Java

Frozen Lair


This frozen lair is impressive and will allow you to build the most excellent lair! In addition, there is a nearby village to help offset the challenges that come with playing in a cold biome.

  • Seed: -8526298052245560549
  • Platform: Bedrock

Top of Mountain


With this seed, you will spawn on the top of the mountain, providing you with a fantastic spot to try and survive. The breathtaking views make the survival challenge worth it.

  • Seed: 5460398448446071195
  • Platform: Java

Zombie Village


This seed is perfect for when you want to play The Walk Dead in Minecraft. The Mangrove Swamp surrounds the zombie village.

  • Seed: 6698906523053291329
  • Platform: Bedrock

Snow-Covered Cave and Village


This seed will get you in the holiday spirit as it contains a snow-covered cave and village. The village looks straight out of the north pole and even has its cave system to explore.

  • Seed: 612212003
  • Platform: Java

Savannah Plateau


This is another seed that looks straight out of a brochure advertising paradise. However, the cool docks, villages, caves, and eroded badlands make this a fun place to explore.

  • Seed: -6232998692589492732
  • Platform: Java

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on December 9th, 2022