Best Perks in Mordhau, Ranked

Ranking perks to help you make a wise choice.

by Christian Bognar
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The great thing about Mordhau is the variety of perks they include. Each of these perks helps players in battle become the best knight, archer, or player in general. While players should avoid some perks at all costs, some have made a big name for themselves and should be their go-to choice.

Considering players only have 16 points to fill in their perk pool, you will want to fill this with the most helpful perks without exceeding 16 points. This guide will make that decision more manageable as we rank all perks from worst to best.

Top Perks Ranked in Mordhau

From the worst to the best, here are the definitive ranking of all perks in Mordhau.

19. Peasant

I’m convinced that the Peasant Perk was thrown into the game strictly to get a good laugh from the developers. The Peasant Perk costs a whopping eight points to use, and all it does is — wait for it — equips the player with frying pans and Hoes as weapons to use against enemies. Equip this perk once to realize how ridiculous it is, but it won’t do you any good in battle.

18. Brawler

The Brawler Perk increases damage during fist fights with your bare knuckles — which would be great if bare-knuckled fist fights happened more often in Mordhau. Instead, these rarely occur, making the Brawler perk useless as you will most likely be going hand-to-hand with someone in full armor. Bare-Knuckles aren’t going to deal any damage against an enemy decked out in knight armor, and the fact that it costs a shamingly two points makes this an embarrassing perk that shouldn’t even be in the game.

17. Flesh Wound

The Flesh Wound Perk sounds excellent in theory, but it doesn’t make a huge difference during a battle. Flesh Wound will allow players who have died to continue for a short five seconds and make a comeback against the enemy that has taken them down. This can cause your death to mean more and force the enemy to die with you — but the short five seconds make it nearly impossible to pull off. The fact that it costs two points also makes it one that players should avoid.

16. Acrobat

Acrobat is a pretty useless perk that could have been ranked much higher if it paired well with the Dodge Perk. Acrobat is designed to reduce Stamina depletion when jumping by 50%, but the thing is that considering it doesn’t work with Dodge, there’s almost no point to it. Players won’t find themselves jumping all the time unless they are dodging, making the Acrobat Perk one that should be avoided at all costs.

15. Cat

The Cat Perk can be helpful if used by mistake; let me explain. Cat will help with fall damage and reduce the damage taken, but Mordhau is a game where you won’t intentionally try to jump off a high cliff. So while it can help by accidentally falling from a high point, it isn’t worth using the one point it costs as you should allocate that one point elsewhere.

14. Wrecker

The Wrecker Perk is okay as it allows players to deal a 50% increase in damage toward structures. This can help take out the enemies’ barricades much faster, making you a great teammate as you bulldoze through enemy lines. This perk would be ranked higher if destroying walls was more critical in Mordhaud, but in reality, it is secondary. There are better perks that cost one point, making this a backup only if you have an extra slot to fill.

13. Rat

The Rat Perk would be incredible if Mordhau focused on stealth and being as quiet as possible — but it doesn’t. Equipping this perk will reduce footstep sounds by 75%, making you almost silent as you move around. Although this could help if you decide to sneak behind an enemy that is focusing elsewhere, there are far better Perks that can fill these two slots that the Rat Perk requires.

12. Smith

If you want to be a great teammate, then the Smith Perk is for you, as this perk will increase the repair rate of barricades by 50%. This is an incredibly fast repair speed and can help if this is your main focus of battle, but in reality, the standard repair speed is fast enough — making this point useless. Like the Wrecker Perk, players should equip the Smith Perk only if they have a slot open in their perk point slots.

11. Fury

Fury is similar to Second Wind as it will grant you a boost in Stamina after making a kill — precisely 2/3 of the Stamina bar. While it isn’t as powerful as Second Wind, it is still great for players who need help in the Stamina department as it only costs two points instead of Second Wind’s four points. This fact makes it possible for those with only a few points to fit in a Stamina perk.

10. Rush

The Rush perk focuses on making players quicker and more agile in larger-sized battles, as it will boost sprint speed whenever they successfully complete a kill. Sometimes in Mordhau, players will have to slow down due to having no Stamina, and the Rush perk will help with this by allowing players to overcome low Stamina and instead run out of danger. The Rush perk won’t be much help during 1v1 battles, though, considering there’s not much to run from after you killed that enemy.

9. Ranger

The Ranger perk is a no-brainer for Archers as it aims to make this character class more agile and quick on the move. For those unfamiliar, the Ranger perk increases movement speed while aiming down sights of any Bow in the game — including Recurve Bow, Longbow, or Crossbow. This perk alone can help an archer player from continuously getting sniped across the map in larger battles. Instead, it saves the player as they can quickly escape danger and plan a comeback by lining up a shot faster.

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8. Huntsman

The Huntsman perk is a perfect pair for the Ranger perk, considering it significantly increases damage output for both Crossbows and Longbows. Nothing is worse than going head to head with another archer who is just as good as you and kills you first due to that enemy archer having this perk equipped — and you did not. The Huntsman perk will kill enemies much faster, making it a go-to for anyone trying to become a top archer.

7. Friendly

There is no denying that friendly fire is a serious issue in Mordhau, and it is no worst feeling to damage a teammate — or vice versa — during Frontline. This issue can be less traumatic through the use of the Friendly perk, where this perk will cut the amount of damage you or your teammates do to players on the same team by half. It can be challenging to avoid hitting teammates on horseback, so having the Friendly perk equipped will stop the guilt and most likely won’t kill them instantly as it would before.

6. Tenacious

Tenacious is one of the best perks in the game primarily due to how useful it is and only costs one point. The Tenacious perk will increase passive health regeneration by 66%, making the quick regeneration much faster. Tenacious is one of those perks that can make you play more aggressively and still come out on the other side with health and ready for the subsequent encounter.

5. Firebomb

Firebomb is another perk designed to keep those who equip it longer as it reduces damage from Fire Bombs by 80%. Anyone who has been playing Mordhau lately knows how much enemy players love to abuse Fire Bombs since they are so deadly, so having this perk up your sleeve will help deal with these Fire Bomb spammers, therefore, surviving longer. 80% in damage reduction is so helpful that this perk will even allow you to charge through the flames caused by the Fire Bombs into enemy lines.

4. Scavenger

Scavenger is a fantastic perk that can help with a character’s loadout in the middle of a battle, as it will cause every enemy the player kills to drop all weapons and any items they have equipped. The Scavenger perk can have newbies starting with weapons low in strength to gathering a ridiculously overpowered weapon from a more elite player — soon making that newbie unstoppable on the battlefield.

3. Second Wind

Second Wind can be considered the sister perk to number one on this list as it plays by the same rules — except through Stamina. Second Wind will grant players three extra Stamina with every successful hit landed on the enemy. Pair this with the Dodge perk, and then you are golden, considering Dodge can quickly drain Stamina. Low Stamina can put you in grave danger, so Second Wind is a lifesaver and can make you last longer in brutal battles that demand a lot of movement and activity.

2. Dodge

Dodge will be your best friend during 1v1. Dodge will grant players an extra move during fights — allowing a quick dodge either backward or sideways. It seems simple, but there are some impossible moves to avoid in Mordhau, but those moves now become dodgeable since you have this perk equipped. It can save you from dying in challenging situations, making it one of the best perks in the whole game. While it is costly at four points out of your 16 — the price is well worth it.

1. Bloodlust

Bloodlust is the best perk in the game, considering it pushes the aggressive playstyle and allows players to get up close and personal. What I mean by this is that Bloodlust completely refills the player’s health bar through melee kills — making it the perfect reason to utilize melee attacks while also having it as a primary way to heal. This fact makes it the ideal perk in both 1vX encounters and ambushes. Bloodlust is an overpowered perk — but beware that it costs five of your 16 points to equip.

- This article was updated on April 18th, 2023

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