10 Best Phasmophobia Mods

Say, Scooby, kind of a spooky mods, huh?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you looking for the 10 best Phasmophobia mods to add extra flavor, more immersion, or add features that will make your ghost hunting a bit easier, so you earn maximum money? The one significant aspect of the modding community is you never know what they will come up with. From fun crossover mods to those that make the game even more terrifying than it already is, you will not be disappointed. So here are the 10 best Phasmophobia mods that other ghost hunters like you highly endorse.

The Best Phasmophobia Mods for a Spooktacular Time

Note: The Phasmophobia developers have stated that they do not support mods that change the game’s code, so that you will be unofficially modding Phasmophobia. This is a disclaimer to use mods at your own risk, as you could potentially lose access to game servers for multiplayer if the developers find out.

10. New TV


The New TV mod replaces the texture and audio files for the base TV. This adds a bit more flavor to the game and can amp up the spook level with paranormal activity that is straight out of some of the most iconic horror movies that used TVs to frighten us.

9. Coca Cola Anime Book


The Coca Cola, Anime Book mod, changes the ghost writing book into one that is a little more bae. Instead of your coast writing scary messages into the book, they will draw anime girls instead. Somehow this ends up more frightening than their regular writing…

8. No Crosshair


The No Crosshair mod removes the in-game crosshair for players who want to amp up the immersion and become the ultimate ghost hunter. Make sure to install this mod last or after any mod that overwrites the game’s asset files.

7. Among Us Tarot Cards


The Among Us Tarot Cards mod replaces the textures of the game’s default Tarot Cards with those that are a bit more… sus. You will enjoy seeing your favorite Among Us characters printed on the in-game Tarot Cards as they represent the iconic figures.

6. Ghostbusters Edition


The Ghostbusters Edition Phasmophobia mod swaps out the base textures for Ghostbuster-related ones. As a result, you will have fun Ghostbuster-themed textures for your garage, truck, equipment, and carpets. There are also a few hidden easter eggs for you to find while ghost hunting.

5. Horror Ambiance


The Horror Ambiance mod alters Phasmophobia’s audio files to increase your immersion in the Phasmophobia ghost hunting world. One note about this mod is that it makes the game sound extremely loud, so take off your headphones and adjust the sound before jumping into a game. Otherwise, the sound changes this mod makes are significant.

4. Phasmophobia Assistant


The Phasmophobia Assistant adds handy in-game functions that make your ghost hunting experience much more accessible. Functions include:

This mod is straightforward as it is a standalone program that runs side-by-side with Phasmophobia.

3. Fossu’s Light and Dark ReShade


Fossu’s Light and Dark Reshade mod is a simple ReShade that makes Phasmophobia creepier by adding life and atmosphere to the game. There are two versions that you can use depending on how you want your game to look:

  • Light: It keeps the original feel of the game but makes the dark areas appear black instead of the washed-out dark blue tone that comes with the original game.
  • Dark: It makes the game creepy by making it as dark as possible. The game won’t be pitch black, but pretty close. The colors will pop out more which causes lit-up objects to stick out without being washed out due to the lowered brightness.

Two additional features of this mod are the included FXAA which smoothens out edges, and Chromatic Aberration, which makes the edges of the screen appear blurred. You can disable either of these if you do not like them.

2. Phasmo Gadget


The Phasmo Gadget mod is another assistant that helps you during your ghost hunting. It has a super clean UI and offers help with the following:

  • Daily Task Tracking
  • Hunt and Sanity Percentage
  • Ghost profiles
  • Ouija board
  • Tips and tricks

The Phasmo Gadget is a standalone mod that will work without the game and isn’t reliant on changing any of the game’s files.

1. Scooby-Doo Edition


Have you ever wanted to be part of Mystery, Inc. and solve crime with Scooby and the gang? With the Phasmophobia Scooby-Doo Edition mod, you can now! This mod includes the following appearance-based changes:

  • Mystery Machine themed van
  • Shaggy Rogers character
  • Daphne Blake character
  • Fred Jones character
  • Velma Dinkley character
  • Snooby Snack-themed Sanity Pills

The above list isn’t all, as this mod changes in-game, like custom textures for the ouija board, clocks, fingerprint scanner pictures, and much more.

Phasmophobia is available through Steam on PC.

- This article was updated on February 3rd, 2023